The Beco II Butterfly-A Must Have

We have three kids. But the number of kid transportation devices we have is simply ridiculous. We have had: an umbrella stroller, a single jogger and a double jogger, a double sit/stand stroller, two bike trailers, a co-pilot bike seat (kind that mounts behind), a Bjorn, a REI framed kid backpack complete with Camelbak pouch and two Becos. That is right, at $140 a pop, we still have two Becos-we love them just that much. And they are far and wide our most used item for toting a kid on our adventures. We even have our babysitter (in picture) use one when she comes along!

Now they aren’t fail proof, a few hours with a kid over 20 lbs. might make the shoulders ache a bit, but over all here is why we LOVE them:
1. The kid is close, keeping them safe and you balanced on your feet.

2. They can be worn on front (infants) or back for toddlers up to 45 lbs.
3. They are made in the USA.
4. They wash easily and are durable.
5. They can be rolled into a fanny pack size when the kiddo wants to travel on their own.
6. They are cute and stylish for those times you don’t want to appear like you’ve been hiking all day.
Definitely a 10 Ten Must Have for any of our trips.

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  4. I know you posted this review awhile ago (just discovered your blog today). I’ve been considering getting a Beco Butterfly 2. Wondering, how does it do on front with a normal backpack on back?

    We climb, hike, wander a lot and so my diaper bag is a backpack. I don’t want a wrap if I don’t have to. The Beco seems to be the best quality of all the carriers I’ve looked into (Boba and Ergo specifically), but I haven’t got my hands on one in real life. What do you think? Do the straps/shoulder pads conflict? Too much bulk?


    • We LOVE the BECO. Even today (08.03.12) at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market it is our carrier of choice for our toddler. We did use it on the front (when our kids were babies) with a backpack on pack. We didn’t have too much of a problem! I would say put the carrier on first. Put shoulder pads on top of carrier ones. And click waist belt over the carrier belt. We thought it worked great but I would guess it depends on the cut of the backpack. And obviously it won’t really work when your kid is in toddler range and sitting on the back. But I would highly suggest this product! We’ve owned two, we love them so much. Follow us on FB and I will post some pictures today for more info. We even did the double BECO, infant on front and toddler on back at the end of hikes when our toddler was exhausted.

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