Bugs and Bandanas

We encountered a new kind of mutant mosquito this weekend.  The kind that can sniff out the one square inch of skin that doesn’t have repellent on it, and bite… Maybe you’ve met them before. They bit through clothing.  They flew up pant legs.  But most of all they like to bite your scalp and your face.

Now, to say I am hesitant to slather my kids faces with Insect Repellent is an understatement.  “Here, baby, take a bath in some Off with DEET.”  Yeah…

So I found my new favorite camping trick – take that old bandanna you keep in your sock drawer (or a newer one, REI had some cute prints this year) spray the thing down in Off or your preferred brand and tie it on your kid, scull cap style.  Worked wonders.  In fact, I am off to REI this week to get two more – so the kids no longer need to be fighting over who gets our one bandanna, and I no longer need to figure out how to rub Calamine Lotion on their scalp.

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