The Bug Band – As good as it claims!

Contributor: Christine Kieft; Fort Collins, CO

It sounds like a gimmick right?  Some stupid rubber bracelet that you strap on your kid and when you get home he’s covered in bug bites.  I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and scent of this product.  At one point the mosquitoes were swarming around my son’s head like he’d been dropped in a pool full of piranhas, as soon as I put the bug band on they disappeared. We camped for 2 days and 2 nights and my son didn’t get a single bite, while the rest using DEET and DEET Free bug spray weren’t as lucky.  

The band is good for 120 hours of use. If you only use it for a few, put it back in it’s case and save it for next time.  Because my son likes to put everything imaginable in his mouth I would either put it on his ankle, strap it to the back of his bib during meals, or hook it on the Beco Butterfly II ( while hiking.  We got ours at Baby’s R Us for less than $3.

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