Christmas gift ideas! Top 10 ideas for kids outdoor gear gifts…

When the weather starts to cool and Christmas draws near, my thoughts go something like this:  what cool toys or clothes should we get the kids?  What on earth should I tell the Grandparents?  They don’t really need any MORE toys!

So as summer wore on and turned to fall, I tried my hardest to write down those gift ideas- more practical in nature- that I was sure to forget by the time winter arrived.  On this list I tried to include fun but practical gifts, often the things my kids were begging for on our camping or climbing trips. I also included some of my favorite outdoor items, as this maybe the time to get them! Maybe this list will only be helpful for me but I figured I would share it in case there is another struggling holiday shopper out there…

10. New Ski/Snow Pants
9. Compressible camping pillows
8. New backpack for bringing all those toys hiking!
7. Sleeping bags
6. Base layers – for skiing in the winter and camping in the summer
5. Camelbak Kid’s Water Bottle
4. Kids Climbing Harness
3. Climbing Chalk Bag
2. Slippers
1. Headlamps

And here are a few sites I have found some great deals at:

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