Newborn Chronicles [In conclusion]

I wanted to title this post “A collective sigh,” but instead went for simple and straight forward. Chances are you are sick of hearing my voice- even if it is in the deep recesses of your mind. At the very least I am worn out from the daily posting! Literally. [Sore wrist. Anyone else have that happen?]

But don’t check out completely! While this series maybe over we have some awesome giveaways coming next week! Starting with chalk bags from Practical Climbing! You are going to want one. We just got done photographing them in action. Here is a sneak peek:

Practical climbing

Now, incase you are just joining us, here is what you missed:

It all started here, then I [Alyssa] jumped two feet in with a photo I never wanted to share. If we are going to get vulnerable quick then we might as well go awkward too- so we did a little talking about breastfeeding, scheduling, and all the not-so-fun-stuff that can happen to our bodies during pregnancy. Whew! But we weren’t done! A small break on the intense subjects led me to addressing the question, “How do I get out the door with more than one kid?” But don’t worry, Chris jumped right back in with that elephant in the room and my friend Amanda shared her story about the freedom of bottle feeding.

Thank you for all the feedback. Keep bringin’ in the comments. And have a great weekend adventuring with your kids!


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