Seven Things I Adore About My Wife [from the man cave]

Welcome to A “Made for Adventure: Marriage series. I just wanted to note a few things about my wife that I love. One for every year we’ve been married. (Our anniversary is Sunday!)

7 things I adore about my wife:

1)   Her restlessness and yearning (to know God, to understand, to change the world). My wife is restless. While she is at times peaceful, and I like that too, I love that the core of who she is restless. She wants more. She wants life. She wants God. She wants an adventure. She reminds me of Eowyn from Lord of the Rings:

Eowyn: “I fear neither death nor pain.”
Aragorn: “What do you fear, my lady?”
Eowyn: “A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.”

2)   Her honesty (about me, about life, about everything). My wife gives it to me straight. She helps me change. She tells me when I’ve let her down. But in all this, she never nags or says ‘I told you so’.

3)   How she loves me. She loves me in ways I can’t even love myself. She loves all the wierd things. She loves me like nobody but God does.

4)   That she makes me a better man. Related to #2 — she helps me to be a better person.

5)   That she’ll follow me wherever I go. Seriously. She trusts me, even when I blow it. She lets me fail, and comes along again next time.

6)   How she thinks and writes. Men: figure out what your wife does that expresses who she is and blow on the flame. In the last 2 years my wife has started writing again, and more recently started taking pictures. It is like there is just more and more wife to love. She is continuing to grow and mature as a person.

7)   Perseverance. I’d never be able to do what she does. I’d never have been able to get back in climbing shape after having three kids. I’d never have made it through dealing with me. Thank you for your perseverance.

We just wrapped up week one but there will be a whole new week worths of posts and interviews starting monday morning. Check out Bring the Kids, our blogging buddies who are joining us in this marriage series adventure. Have a great weekend!

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