Keeping Your Kids Comfortable While Camping [Guest Post]

Today we welcome a guest post, with tons of great tips for fighting the rain while camping! Now I know what you are thinking, if you are in Utah or Colorado, you’d bend down and kiss the ground if only it WOULD rain. But, if you are headed out this 4th of July, check out these tips before you do!


Camping with kids is always a challenge, as there are many different aspects of camping that you will need to make child friendly. Having activities planned for the kids, packing enough toys and sports equipment, packing the right clothes and making sure the children are cozy at bedtime are all important aspects to a fun and successful camping trip. If you are looking for some information on how to keep your kids comfortable while camping, here are some tips to help you.

 Tip #1 – Always have a backup plan.

In the event of a major downpour or unsafe storm, it is important to have a backup plan to save the trip and prevent everyone from becoming miserable.

Rather than packing up the camping gear and going home, be aware of the local hotels or motels nearby. Pack a deck of cards and some board games, and have a family night at the hotel, do some local indoor attractions, walk around the mall, go to the movies, pick up some books at the bookstore or do some excursions nearby. Having this backup plan will ensure that the family has fun regardless of the weather conditions.

 Tip #2 – Be prepared for rain.

It almost always rains at least one day on a camping trip, therefore preparing for rain is essential.  Pack a few rain ponchos for the kids so they can play in the rain without getting wet, bring warm clothes such as a sweater and a pair of jeans, and some warm blankets and pajamas. Pack games and activities for rainy weather, and some books to read as a family.

Tip #3 – Bring rain equipment.

Remember to bring ropes and tarps even if the weather forecast calls for sun.  Also, have the children pack their clothes in extra-large plastic garbage bags that are placed inside their back packs or duffel bags, using the garbage bag as a liner. Doing so will ensure that the kids clothes stay dry even if the tent is flooded or if their bags get wet. If it does not rain, the garbage bags can be used for garbage to help keep the campsite clean.

 Tip #4 – Set up for rain.

Always be prepared for rain, even if it means doing extra preparation when you first arrive at the camp site. It is better to spend a little longer setting up the campsite properly then to have to move the tent and equipment in rainy weather or in a downpour. Preparation such as scouting a good spot to ensure your tent will not be in a puddle if it rains, placing a tarp over the tent and placing a tarp under the tent will ensure everyone is dry and comfortable. Also ensure nothing touches the edges of the tent or you may risk having water leak in.

Tip #5 Set up a dining area.

Setting up a fly set up in the campsite will keep you sheltered from the sun, protect you from the rain and will help protect your family from annoying bugs during meal times. Have some candles within it which are designed to keep the mosquitos away at night. Also, make sure to bring some games for the family or other fun activities in case it rains, and use the sheltered dining area to have some quality family time.

 Tip #6 Have some warm bedding.

Sometimes sleeping bags are not comfortable, and some extra bedding is needed for optimal warmth and comfort. Plan ahead and purchase some bedding from stores such as Vision Bedding for the trip. Make sure the blankets or comforters are suited to your children’s needs to ensure a good nights sleep.

Therefore when planning your next camping trip, follow these six tips and you and your family will be prepared for almost any weather. In addition, following these tips will ensure you keep your kids warm, comfortable and happy while camping.



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