Expect[ing] to Thrive: Fit Pregnancy and Parenting

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Today we are interviewing Amanda Tress from Fit Pregnancy and Parenting. She has been a personal trainer for eight years. She enjoys her job in web-marketing, training clients in the gym, and taking vacations with her one-year-old daughter. Her favorite kids of workouts are sprint workouts and plyometrics.

Why did you decide to start Fit Pregnancy and Parenting?

I started Fit Pregnancy and Parenting because I had a hard time finding “good” information about maintaining a fit pregnancy on the web. I maintained a very intense workout schedule throughout my entire pregnancy, and I wanted to share my experience with others. I am also a web marketing specialist, so a blog/site seemed to make more sense than writing a book.

In your expertise and personal experience, how does fitness benefit pregnancy and post partum “blues”?

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about exercising during pregnancy. Many women assume that exercising while pregnant is dangerous, but when done correctly and under a doctor’s supervision, continued workouts have many health benefits.

I have been an athlete and personal trainer for eight years. When I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, I was committed to remain fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy. With my doctor’s support, I maintained my pre-pregnancy level of fitness throughout my entire pregnancy and experienced a fast and smooth labor, delivery, and recovery.

I exercised up until the day I delivered my daughter, and, with my doctor’s blessing, I was walking within two days of delivery and running just two weeks after that. Low impact activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking are ideal during pregnancy and will help keep you healthy and prepared for an easier labor and delivery. Don’t use fatigue, nausea, back pain, or constipation as excuses — exercising properly and safely will help alleviate these and other common discomforts.

Exercising during pregnancy helped me recover quickly and get back to my pre-pregnancy level of fitness in a matter of weeks. Going out on solo runs helped me refresh and recharge in the early days of my daughter’s life. I believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle played a key role in preventing post partum depression.

For more information about the numerous benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and tips for how to workout safely and effectively, visit my fit pregnancy hot topics page.

What difficulties do you believe stop a mom from remain fit during pregnancy and as a mom? Do you have tips/thoughts on how to combat these?

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me, and I am a personal trainer, so I have to maintain my credibility by staying fit. However, I have had to modify my workouts, or pick a new time to squeeze in some fitness. I often take walks with my daughter at lunch time. I burn some calories and we usually walk to the park, so it’s quality time with her as well. I usually take advantage of her naps to do my long runs on the weekends. I have not missed a single workout since she was born, but I have to be more creative now.

Do you have a few fitness workout posts/healthy pregnancy posts/post partum posts from your site to suggest to our readers?

If you are committed to maintaining a fit pregnancy, please visit my site where I feature several fit pregnancy workouts on my fit pregnancy hot topics page. Learn how to prevent water retention, excess weight gain, nausea, fatigue, and other pregnancy symptoms by maintaining a fit pregnancy.

Please visit my exercise video page to see up to 25 free exercise video circuits that will help you get your pre-baby body back! You do not need to be a celebrity or personal trainer to get your pre-baby body back. In fact, you can look even better than before! If you are unsure about how to get started, please contact me for an online personal training package. I specialize in working with young moms.

Fit Pregnancy and Parenting was founded by Amanda Tress, mommy to a beautiful baby girl and a personal trainer who is passionate about health and wellness. She has trained clients in the gym for over 8 years, and truly enjoys helping women lose weight, learn how to exercise properly, gain confidence, and transform their lives (and the lives of their family) for the better.

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