Revolution in Holiday Traditions

There is one side effect to becoming more active. To getting outdoors more. It is this: you will only want to be MORE active, to get out MORE.

In fact, you might find yourself doing strange things like this: packing your kiddo into a kid carrier when they have the flu…cause they are just going to sleep anyways, and you are desperate for a hike. You wake up earlier and earlier to go on that run. You slip into a depressed state when you spent a morning at home on the couch.

That is what is great about a truly healthy and active lifestyle. It is addicting. It is contagious.

But building a healthy lifestyle is all about healthy habits. Baby steps towards change. This holiday season, the season known for over-eating, weight gain, and candy…we are taking some baby steps toward changing our habits. OK, hopefully more than baby steps, how about a revolution?

I am not here with ten tips to curbing those calories on Christmas. Or how not to over-eat at the work party. We are taking a different approach. Earn those calories. Earn that warm apple pie with an extra scoop of ice cream. Earn it by getting out FIRST.

This year, we started by signing up the whole family for a 10k, 5k, and kids race Thanksgiving morning. It was awesome. Well, the running part was. The horrible head cold wasn’t so awesome…but that is another story, for another time.

Lifetime Fitness and Commitment Day 2013

Which brings me to another opportunity I want to share: Commitment Day. Lifetime Fitness is uniting with the public to revolutionize New Year’s resolutions. Why make empty promises, filled with good intentions, and then sit on them? Lifetime Fitness is hoping to rally people toward a healthy way of life. Here is their spiel:

The first day of 2013 will be one to remember. In a city near you, thousands of people will set out to do a 5K and end up starting a movement. Men, women, families, co-workers and neighbors are making a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle while helping others do the same.

Check out their site, and sign up for a race near you. 30+ cities, 300,000+ people. Sounds pretty cool to me!


Discounted Registration Details!

Run, walk, skip for all I care. But get out, together. Start a new family tradition that has healthy undertones. Races are a fantastic and inspiring environment for kids AND parents alike! And for further motivation, Lifetime Fitness is offering Kid Project fans a discounted price on registration. Remember, kids are free.

Here is your coupon code:  COMMIT01

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