Multi-Tasking Must-Haves Giveaway #2: Hydroflask!

Welcome back to day two of our multi-tasking must-have giveaway week! If you haven’t already joined us on Facebook, please do. We are discussing other must-have outdoor items all week!

What is a Hydroflask?

Hydroflask products

Hydroflask makes a line of double wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel water bottles and food storage containers. We’ve had a chance to thoroughly test this awesome product and can say it is the best performing water bottle we’ve tried. It keeps the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot! For our full review read Hydroflask – Insulated Awesomeness.

Why is it a Multi-Tasking Must Have?

Plain and simple, each bottle can be used for hot or cold! But what I love are the different interchangeable lids. I can grab our 18 oz. Hydroflask and it can be used as a water bottle, a thermos holding roughly 3 small cups of coffee/hot chocolate, or I can screw on the flip coffee lid and take it as a travel mug.

Another one of our favorite items is the 64 oz growler. It is famous for keeping beer crisp and cold on outdoor adventures but I used it to keep hot chocolate warm for a horde of kiddos on a snowshoeing field trip! Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with:

64 oz. = 1/2 gallon of milk for the kids

64 oz. = 8 cups of hot chocolate after sledding

64 oz. = 3 Venti Starbucks after a sleepless night (we havenโ€™t yet asked how much theyโ€™d charge for filling it.)

64 oz. = 8 8 oz. baby bottles of formula or breast milk for the road

64 oz. = 5.3 bottles of your favorite beer after a long day

64 oz. = how many chilled margaritas?? icon smile Hydroflask   Insulated Awesomeness!


Hydroflask is giveaway away two 18 oz. Hydroflasks today! Meaning there will be two winners! Yay!

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Using a hydroflask to keep hot chocolate warm, snowshoeing

37 comments on “Multi-Tasking Must-Haves Giveaway #2: Hydroflask!
  1. I would rock ice coffee in my Hydro Flask and for our little guy we’d put in juice. Nothing like cold juice on the trail- so unexpected!

  2. Smoothies, though mine are only moderately fruity. Every morning it is greek yogurt, banana, oatmeal, pb and chocolate chips. Would be perfect in my flask as so one else would know what I am drinking and try to have some!

  3. hot and cold! awesome!! probably hot chocolate if sharing it wit the kids, otherwise latte for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ in the winter and definitely smoothie in the summer.

  4. i would likely just use it for tea, hot chocolate or miso soup in the winter for my two kiddos and myself, while on the trail. Water and coconut water in the summer, but since you advocate the beer in the growler, I know my husband will try to take it from us and fill it up. Ha!

  5. I’d love it for water at work. I hate warm water and I despise a sweating cup at the Nurse’s Station getting all the papers wet!! I’d also love it for camping in the summer for drinking ice cold water or for hiking with ice cold water!!

  6. It snowed last night, so I’m going with hot chocolate for family snowshoeing….but raspberry lemonade in crushed ice would be my pick in the summer months!

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  8. All the ideas were great, I’d probably pick smoothies in summer for picnics and hot cocoa in winter. I’m pleased that the flasks are BPA free. I have one already and we LOVE IT!

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