A Visual Tale of our Time on the Trail as a Family

This last week we embarked on our first backpacking trip as a family, and our first trip into Willow Heights Lake in the Wasatch. Really it could not have been more perfect and our trip report is coming soon. But for now I wanted to share a glimpse into our time on the trails through my lens. Cause like they say, an image is worth a thousand words.

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7 comments on “A Visual Tale of our Time on the Trail as a Family
  1. Great photos. Glad I’m not the only one who sometimes just wants to post the photos and let them speak for themselves. And LOVE the subway sandwich in the pack. Looks like one of our trips. Glad to see you got the hammock out too. We are looking forward to bringing ours on our two trips this summer.

  2. The sub cracked me up. I’m curious to what your menu was for your family of five? What stove/cookwear are you using? Thanks for posting the pics, Alyssa, it looks like a great trip; looking forward to hearing more.

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