Product Review: Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs

Campfire roasting logs? If you in our same line of thinking a real fire has real wood. But Chris and I have a funny history with Duraflame and their distant cousin the Fireside Supreme.

Long before we were dating, even before we were friends we ended up on the same ill-fated backpacking trip. After realizing there was no water anywhere close to our planned backpacking itinerary, we fell back to car camping near Moab, UT. And somehow Chris and I were sent to buy firewood in town…another ill-fated excursion. The entire town was sold out. Not kidding. So we settled for the “fake” wood logs. And somehow we became friends and found humor in the fact that in one day we went from epic backpacking to sitting in an established campground cooking over a Duraflame.

So we figured we’d give Duraflame’s new campfire roasting logs a try.

  • duraflame roasting logs Location: Antelope Island, UT
  • Weather: Favorable. No wind, no rain.
  • Best Uses: Backyard fire pits.
  • Yays!

  • Well, they burned! We had no problem lighting them.
  • They are smaller logs, having a smaller burn radius, and seemed to burn less “hot” than normal wood? (I am really not an expert in these things.) Would be good for backyard campfires that you are trying to keep smaller.
  • If you are in the habit of buying wood for campfires, these might be cheaper. One bundle (4 small logs) is supposed to last 2 hours. You can get 6 bundles for $26 on Amazon. That is roughly 6 small campfires for $4 a piece. Cheaper than buying bundles of wood in our neck-of-the-woods. And takes up way less room in the trunk.
  • Easier to light than wood, especially if there has been rain.
  • Nays

  • Just didn’t have the same “good-old-wood-fire” feeling to us.
  • In the video they mention burning them for 45 minutes before they turn to coals for roasting. Ours burned much faster and the coals didn’t stay around very long.
  • Here is a video explaining general use:

There is also a Duraflame Sweepstakes going on right now! Check it out for a chance to try these logs for yourself as well as win other awesome prizes:

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