Climbing 14ers for Orphaned Kids!

Today, I want to introduce you to Dave from 14ers4kids. In case you don’t know, a 14ers is commonly know amongst mountaineers as a peak topping out at 14,000 feet above sea level. And Dave’s story inspired me because he took something he loves, summiting mountains, and is using it to help orphaned children.

Last year, the project put 12 kids into foster homes! And this year he hopes to continue the journey. Below is a recent interview with Dave, detailing his passions and inviting us to be a part of his journey! Check out his story and some awesome photos of his experience.

Let’s learn a little about you, your family, and your passions. What do you do, like to do, and why are you passionate for adoption?

dave 14ers4Kids My family is my passion, two kids, Drew is 2.5 and Olivia is almost 4. Wife, Chrisa of well, a couple decades. How can that be? The kids happen to be from China and Korea and we are so blessed to be their mom and dad. I also love the exploring the mountains and wilderness. My passion about adoptions came from traveling throughout Asia and seeing so many kids who need homes. Work: I am a media guy, and work as a cadet advisor as the manager of the Air Force Academy college radio station KAFA.

Tell us about the 14ers4kids project during 2012? What were your goals and what drove you to do this project?

Last year I started this project after the death of our friend and social worker Laurel Constantinides and her three daughters. I felt I needed to step up and do something for orphans in her honor. The goal was to raise funds to get as many orphans in foster care as possible. In the end we were able to get 12 kids into new loving foster homes.


What were last season’s highlights? Any low points?

The high points were breaking $10K and finding out that we were going to help a dozen children. Also reading about how the kids are flourishing with these new families is just amazing!  Low point was a knee injury a week before the climbs that prevented me from climbing as originally scheduled.  I attempted the summits 6 weeks after surgery but due to bad weather only reached 5 summits.
Where are you going from here? What is the future vision for 14ers4kids?

This year I had hoped to make this less about me climbing mountains and more about getting others involved.  I was working toward this being a guided trip of several summits over a week.  The idea was that each climber would raise 1,000 and if they raised that amount the week of guided climbing, transportation and food would be paid for.  This turned out to be a huge project and between challenges with forest service permits, and other hurdles I alone just wasn’t able to get it all together.

So I am dedicating 12 summit attempts over the next few weeks to these children and hope that people will support my efforts with a donation.  It’s actually more about helping the kids than sponsoring my mountain climbing.

14ers4kids-3 Can people still be a part and if so, how?

People can sign up and climb a peak with me or create their own personal challenge.  We ask for a $25 donation to join, then each climber will have their own fundraising site where they can get friends and family to sponsor their climb for the kids. Details on dates and the registration links are at

You can continue to follow the 14ers4Kids story at the social media links below:  Twitter: @14ers4kids  Web


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