Giveaway a Day [Day 2, Chrome Industries Merino Hoodie]

Who wouldn’t want a merino hoodie that combines all the classic traits of wool (odor resistant, heat regulating, warm when wet) but is sleek and stylish enough to wear all day? This hoodie has all the technical aspects for cyclists and outdoors lovers, including a rear pass-though pocket, thumb loops, and a wrist stash pocket.

Read our full review of the men’s Cobra Hoodie first.

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Chrome Industry's Cobra Merino Hoodie gear review

50 comments on “Giveaway a Day [Day 2, Chrome Industries Merino Hoodie]
  1. I would wear it on the many bike paths we have here in Boulder. I love riding around with my kids in our Bullitt and it looks like it would be perfect to help me stay warm on those colder days we get out.

  2. First of all, thanks for the laugh…the Lambicorn comment had me cracking up. It would be easier to answer the question if it was phrased “where wouldn’t you wear this hoodie?”…..I wouldn’t wear it in Moab during the summer months. I wouldn’t wear it in temperatures over 70 degrees. I wouldn’t wear it in the shower, or while swimming, or while it was in the wash. Other than that, I’d probably have it on all the time. Nordic skiing, biking, running, teleing, snowboarding, touring, changing diapers, chasing toddlers, walking the dog etc.

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  4. I would wear my new hoody all over the place. Probably in Las Vegas, Seattle, Idaho, Prague, etc. (all places I’ve never been), hopefully with my bike in tow.

  5. I would wear it on a bike
    I would wear it to walk a tyke
    I would wear it to my bed
    I may even wear it on my head
    I would wear it to the zoo
    I would wear it a lot, that is true
    I would wear it in the chilly weather
    I would wear it to visit my sister Heather
    I would wear it for a trip in a boat
    I would wear it to have tea with a Billy Goat
    I would wear it to the mountains, the ocean and the grocery store
    I would wear it and wear it and wear it some more

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