Gear Giveaway! Youth Trekking Poles from Outdoor Products

Today we are giveaway one pair of youth trekking poles in conjunction with Outdoor Products! We have loved these poles, and the best part is their versatility. Not only have they been useful on slippery or difficult trials, snowshoeing, and hiking but we used them all season for skiing!

My favorite part? They will still work next season even if my boy grows a ton! Adjustable trekking poles are the way to go when it comes to kids!

Here is our complete review: Kid’s trekking poles by Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products Trekking poles review


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24 comments on “Gear Giveaway! Youth Trekking Poles from Outdoor Products
  1. My daughter loves to hike. When she’s ready for poles, we’d go on a steeper trail where previously she would be wanting a hand to hold.

  2. My daughter’s been itching to go up Mailbox Peak, but without trekking poles that’s a terrible idea. (Actually going up Mailbox Peak in any fashion is a terrible idea.)

  3. Our family of five (5,3,6mo for the kids ages) is going to Yosemite this May!! We also hike a lot on our mount diablo, in fact we are going there tomorrow for hiking and a cookout afterwards. πŸ™‚

  4. Anywhere? Everywhere! We have these really cool friends out in SLC…maybe we’d go out and visit them and go on some adventures together.

  5. The Kettle Crest Trail in northern Washington State. We have been there before, but a pair of trekking poles might just result in fewer skinned knees and sore backsides.

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