Gear Giveaway! Pakems Lightweight, Packable Shoe

If you familiar with Pakems, then you probably heard of them in conjunction with Apres Ski. The high top boots are great after a long day of skiing and you can toss them in a backpack super easy.  But last fall we took the low-top Pakems out for a few test trips and I must admit, not only do they work after skiing, but they are going to be fantastic for camping and backpacking.

Often, when we backpack into high alpine areas, I want some sort of shoe to wear around camp. Pakems are water-resistant, warm, and easy to slip on. Think a pair of bedroom slippers… but made for adventure!

Pakems for trips to the gym, skiing or hiking

Here is our Full Review of Pakems, the packable shoe.


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14 comments on “Gear Giveaway! Pakems Lightweight, Packable Shoe
  1. Camping in Moab & Fruita next week, hope to try out some new camping spots in Wyoming later in the spring, and making plans for a few summer campouts closer to home. Last year we spent 62 nights out – hoping to do about the same this year.

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