Gear Review: Cablz Zipz Eyewear Retention

Ever drop your sunglasses off a climb… nearly hitting your belayer? Yeah… That was me. So I figured giving Cablz a try was more than just for me. 🙂

Tested in: Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Backcountry Skiing

Cost: $12-$15

Best Use: When you want eyewear retention without noticing you have eyewear retention. 🙂

Selling Points: Unlike a fixed length cord, the Zipz can be adjusted for a closer fit to the back of the head. The adjustment is easy, a simple slide of the cord that lengthens/shortens.

Because the retention system is steel cable, you don’t have a cord dangling, rubbing your neck (chaffing while running), getting sweaty, sticky, or fraying.

These are perfect under helmets. And great for a variety of outdoor sports. They go largely unnoticed until you need them. 🙂

As shown below, they claim these are the only retainers that can be used for straight armed glasses. While I cannot verify that, we have been able to use these on all of our sunglasses, straight armed or not. They are very versatile, where as the Croakie brand ones I tried needed to have a different rubber attachment depending on size and style or arm.

We also tried the Monoz style – The surgical grade stainless steel cable is replaced with blue monofilament. Overall very similar, but the cable is clear or white.

Significant Specs: 

  • Available in Regular and XL rubber ends
  • Available in lengths of 12″ and 14″ cable
  • Snag proof when “zipped” 
  • *The only retainer to use for straight armed glasses.

Desired Improvements: None at this time.

The bottom-line: We have been very impressed with this product, and while we don’t always want/need eyewear retention, when we do, we’ll use these for sure.

Backcountry skiing Cablz Eyewear Retention

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2 comments on “Gear Review: Cablz Zipz Eyewear Retention
  1. Do you think these would work on a kiddo? My 4 and 5 year old both have glasses and when we are fishing on the river, I always worry about losing them! We haven’t found any that seem tight enough without being super dangly in the back.

    • Yes I do! The rubber end fits well on our kid sunglasses (brands: Chili Pepper/Under Armour) and when adjusted shorter they sit well above my 6-yr old son’s neck. They also have a youth Cablz – I think it is a fixed length but that might work too. Good luck!

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