The art of dad-ing [Plus a giveaway!!]

I love dads.

And I love dad-ing. You know what I mean by dad-ing right? This is dad-ing:

When you are having a girls weekend and you receive a photo with eight kids and three dads all biking across town. You are tempted to freak out. But then you relax… all the kids have survived thus far, right?

biking with kids, dads

Or when you are out backpacking with some friends and two of the dads decide to summit a peak with 7 kids in tow. Not only do they attempt it. They succeed.

Dad-ing-  1. Pursuing awesome adventures with miniature humans in tow. 2. Often involving ice cream for dinner. 3. Usually involving dirt, sweat, and a lot of fun.

Ecoths clothing for men.

Our dad, and my adventure partner, is the key ingredient to so much of our success. He has led us to family rules such as:

  1. Don’t wait for tomorrow, if you can do it today.
  2. If you wait for the perfect timing, it will never happen.
  3. Your emotions don’t always tell you the truth.
  4. And with the right clothing, there is no bad weather. 

So in honor of awesome dads everywhere we are celebrating with a giveaway by Ecoths Clothing.

Here are reviews of some of their products including the Grady Cord [pants] , Humboldt Shorts, and McKinney V-neck T.

Giveaway by Ecoths!

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DAd ans son on the shores of Lake Tahoe, live purposefully

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