The one thing my kids really want…

There is really only one thing my kids want.

Wait! What?!

There is really only one thing my kids want!

No…surely they want lots of things. My kids want a snack and then an hour later, dinner. My kids want a later bedtime, one more story read aloud, and the new Avenger Lego set.

Encountering wildlife, goats while hiking

But the other weekend Chris took my son on a two-night backpacking trip to summit Mount Timpanogos, one of the tallest summits in the Wasatch Range, Utah. It was a push physically for my little man and [probably] emotionally for my husband. Being a cheerleader for hours-at-a-time as you work your way up the trail is an endurance sport all its own.

The mountains spoke in beauty and wildness.

And ultimately they succeeded in what they set out to accomplish.

Later that weekend, Chris asked our 7 year-old-son what he enjoyed the most.

Hiking wasn’t my favorite. But I really liked being with you.


It is so simple, but sometimes simple isn’t necessarily easy.

In fact, I consider it one of my greatest battles to fight off the insignificant, un-lasting things that shout for my attention.

But at the end of the day, whether they can communicate it or not, I believe all our kids just want US a little more.

Hiking Timpanogos with kids, summit photos

How do you spend quality time with your kids?

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  1. That’s a heart-melter. <3 I think it's Josh Whitney that says kids want quality time, but they also want quantity time. Graham isn't summiting any mountains yet, but this reminds me that I should put aside efficiency and let him summit a chair to "help me" in the kitchen despite the unending instruction and encouragement it requires of me.

  2. I had a moment like that a few weeks ago. A gentle reminder from one of my children to put my i phone away and just be present, with him. No distractions just us together. Kids are so intuitive. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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