Gear Review: Little Nutty Nutcase Helmets for Kids

Happy back to school season, parents! Honestly, I have some mixed emotions about the whole affair. Maybe my inner child never really grew up because I love summer break as much as the kids do.
We do a decent amount of biking, mostly around the neighborhood, often on dirt trails. And every year the risk associated with biking increases in proportion to my son’s lack of fear…
Naturally we want the kids in good helmets. So we figured we’d give the Nutcase Little Nutty a try.

Litte Nutty Helmets

  • Best Use: Biking, Skateboarding, Skating
  • Cost/MSRP: $59.99
  • Tested in: Suburban and Mountain Biking
  • Selling Points: The Little Nutty line of helmets is for ages 5+, comes in a variety of colors and styles, and are simply cool looking. Lets be honest, it might not matter to us, but it matters a lot to our kids. I like getting helmets the kids feel cool in.

    A few of the color and style options.

    A few of the color and style options.

  • Aside from basic outward appearance, the Little Nutty helmets have decent air flow (though not as good as my road helmet), a super easy magnetic chin strap, and a spin dial to assure proper fit for a variety of head sizes.
  • What I like most is the injection-molded ABS shell. It seems strong and only time will tell if it is long lasting. All I know is that over the last 2-3 years we have gone through 3 cheap helmets who’s shell cracked and fell off just from daily wear.
  • Little Nutty Gotcha Helmet
  • Desired Improvements: None at the time, though I like the idea of the removable visor and would like to purchase that addition.
  • Significant Stats:
  • • Attachable visor for sunny skies or rainy days
  • • An additional set of pads for custom fit
  • • Lightweight EPS foam lining and ABS shell, offering protection from high impact
  • safe helmets for kids
• Ventilation throughout the helmet for cool breeze comfort
• Magnetic buckle that eliminates pinching and easy on/off
• Soft chin pad for maximum comfort
• A variety of stunning graphics sure to match children’s backpack themes!
The crux: Nutcase makes a variety of high quality helmets for ALL ages. I’d highly suggest this product to others. 
Little Nutty helmets received as samples for the purpose of review. As always these are my honest opinions. 

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