One simple truth for passing on a love of the outdoors to the next generation

All around the snow came down in half-hearted flurries. On the chair ahead my three kids enjoyed the newfound freedom of not having to ride the chairlift with my husband and I. It was at once terrifying and exciting.

I shared my own chair with two other folks, all testing gear up at Solitude Mountain Resort. It was a great day for small talk as the resort was full of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country. Many interesting stories were to be had. And this is where my story begins… this interesting conversation on the chairlift this winter.

An older man sat next to me, kids grown and gone.

He asked about my kids, their ages, their interested. We got to chatting about inspiring the next generation to love and be in the outdoors as adults.

He chuckled and said,

 We didn’t have money for fancy vacations to exotic places. We didn’t send our kids to camps and educational programs. We (the parents) just loved the outdoors. It is just what we did. We skied all winter. We were in Indian Creek every weekend in the spring. It was just a part of our everyday life. And now it is a part of theirs as adults.”

I sat sort of stunned. It is one of those moments where you know the words just shared would be burned into your memory for a long time.

It was like he said to me, “Slow down. Chill out. Keep it simple.”

And I loved this! His advice is so simple and uncomplicated. It isn’t a ten-point to do list for me as a parent… It is just an invitation to live my passions and include my family in them.

I think I can do that. Can you?

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  1. It’s so true! I grew up camping, skiing, biking, hiking and fishing. We never went to a resort and when we went to Disneyland, it was by road trip (flying was too much $) but I loved my childhood and don’t feel I missed out on anything! We were loved, we were together and we had fun!!

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