Gear Review: M.A.P. Footwear

A good pair of water shoes is one of our “family essential items” in the summertime. Whether wearing them just to the pool or waterpark or using them on the trails and lakeside, we are always looking for water shoes that have good traction, durability, and comfort for our kids.

M.A.P. Footwear, a children’s shoe brand that is designed to encourage activity, provides a cost-effective option for families to gear their kids up for a summer of fun. We tested out three of their styles below.

  • M.A.P. Footwear Havasu girls water shoe

    M.A.P. Footwear Havasu girls water shoe.

  • Styles: Emmon, Lilith, and Havasu
  • Tested in: Hiking, water play, stream crossings
  • Cost: Depending on retailer and style $10-$30
  • Availability: Most major retailers such as Amazon, Target
  • Best Use: Water parks, pool time, casual wear
M.A.P. Footwear Lilith shoe hiking

M.A.P. Footwear Lilith shoe

Selling Points:

Let’s face it, cost and fashion are two of the primary factors in our choice of clothing for ourselves and our kids. M.A.P. Footwear does a great job of designing super cute shoes for kids in fun colors and designs.

The price point is also great, providing an affordable option for most families.

Specifically, the boys Emmon shoe has decent traction and great coverage – not a lot of stones and pebbles getting in the shoe while hiking. My son finds these shoes very comfortable.

Desired Improvements: 

A portion of the outsole, along the center, was fabric? Not sure the purpose of this but like I had predicted, it was destroyed after one use. This didn’t affect the function of the shoe at all, but I don’t understand its purpose.

M.A.P. Footwear Lilith shoe

M.A.P. Footwear Lilith shoe

The boy’s Emmon style has been great, but both the girl styles have given my girls repetitive blisters after a half day of use.

The Bottom LIne:
M.A.P. Footwear Boys Emmon shoe

M.A.P. Footwear Boys Emmon shoe

Great shoe for the price point and will work for the majority of summer uses for kids. I would not suggest these shoes for more avid hikers, longer distances, or paddling families that need a higher functioning shoe for the long haul.

Samples received for the purpose of review, as always these are our honest opinions.

MAP footwear

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