Staying Organized on Family Trips with Sharpie Extreme

We don’t do a ton of sponsored posts around here. And my bar is pretty high when it comes to products we would use and buy with our own money, without being coerced by some company. However, recently we were approached by Sharpie (yes, the marker company) about their new product – Sharpie Extreme.

See, we use Sharpies a lot. Not just for body marking during triathlon but tons of outdoor “jobs” that we need permanent markers for.

So why not try the newer, more durable, more rugged, made for adventure marker? So we did.

On our recent trip to Canada we tossed our new Sharpie Extreme markers in our gear bin and hit the open road.

Why a Sharpie Extreme Should be in Everyone’s Gear Bin:

Labeling gear with names, addresses and phone numbers:

Labeling gear - sharpie extreme

Labeling your gear, especially when you adventure often with other families, can help keep belongings with who they belong to!

Labeling our backpacking food bags with contents and quantities:

Backpacking and camping food labeling - sharpie extreme

When backpacking, we package our food into ziplock bags, saving both space and waterproofing the food. But we need to label things with names and cooking instructions to keep it all straight.

Writing names in children’s clothing, lunch boxes, jackets, water bottles:

Sharpie Extreme on water botttles

Keeping things organized on extended trips with multiple activities:

When we backpacking into the Conrad Kain Hut in the Bugaboos- we shaped a kitchen and food storage with 35 other people. We needs a way to organize our food and identify it!

When backpacking into the Conrad Kain Hut in the Bugaboos- we shared a kitchen and food storage with 35 other people. We needed a way to organize our food and identify it!

Other uses:

Labeling things such as soccer balls, water bottles, skis, lunch boxes, shoes, and all manner of kid gear.

While traveling or playing tourist, write your name and phone number on your young kid’s belongings, or on a bracelet in case they get lost.

hiking Bugaboos with kids - backpacking

Significant Stats:

  • Resists fading when exposed to UV rays, rain, snow and mud
  • Fine, durable tip delivers color on most wood, plastic, and glass surfaces
  • Available in four colors: red, black, green and blue

The Bottom Line:

We found Sharpie Extreme to be more than adequate for all our uses. The marker did have a “rub off” tendency on smooth plastics like new water bottles and ziplock baggies over time, but did perform better than traditional Sharpies. In the end, they are still the best go-to option for permanent marking.

SUP in Glacier national park

This post is sponsored by Sharpie Extreme. As always, these are our real and honest opinions.


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