One thing that I hope defines my parenting…

I pedal easy on my stationary bike, people still trickling in before class starts, but it is almost go time. It is my second time to this spin class and I love that, so far, it hasn’t been crowded. Only 5-6 people for a room filled with 20 bikes. I hate when it gets all stuffy and crowded, with dripping people pressing in on all sides.

Sure, I’d much rather be outdoors, but working out is a priority and let’s be honest, being a mom doesn’t always let you do it exactly when and how you’d prefer.

The music keys up. I get ready.

And just then a lady walks up…

Um… You are on my bike.

I glance around me at all the vacant bikes. I look for a water bottle or piece of clothing I missed that was reserving the bike. There is nothing. I think for a moment she is joking. But she isn’t.

I signed my name next to THIS bike number on the sign-up list and this is the one I want.

I again look around me at all the empty bikes.

Are. You. Kidding Me?! What is this, Junior High?!

My life is full of all sorts of these “false starts” this week. Some simple. Some dripping with deep emotion. In fact, there are so many false starts that they have overflowed into this post and I find myself sharing this story instead of posts regarding ski season prep and other outdoor related articles.

But my life will be full of more false starts today, tomorrow, and the next. Chances are, yours will be too.

Perseverance mom; girl hiking

The question that needs answering is this:

What do you do when this happens?

For me?

I punched her in the face. KIDDING :).

I got back on a different bike after following her demands that I too sign up for a bike on the list, even though the room was nearly empty. But I got back on.

And sometimes we plan that hike or trip or ski day, and a series of events leads to a false start, but we shouldn’t give up. We should toe the line again. Shake it off. And try again.

And I hope no matter what comes, to teach my kids this same lesson too.

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6 comments on “One thing that I hope defines my parenting…
  1. Poor you. People are very territorial with their spots in exercise classes. I know because I have my zumba spot on the floor and god help the poor chick who shows up and accidentally takes it. We joke that we pee on our front row spots on the floor. 😉

  2. Agh, that would quickly raise my ego hackles, difficult to suppress but well done!! It probably felt good to spin out some of the frustration from that interaction!

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