Family Powder Ski Day [Video]

The day dawned dark and blustery. They issued a winter storm warning. High winds, thunderstorms, heavy snows starting at lunch as the second part of the storm moves through.

I thought for a minute that maybe we should cancel our ski day at Solitude Resort with my parents. But hey, what did we have to lose?

I cannot really claim it was due to the forecast – but more that we had free passes from the Warren Miller movie and it was the last day to use them.

Little did I know it would turn out to be the best day of skiing I’d had in years. Maybe the best I will have all season.

I really don’t want this video to be a 2+ minutes of bragging on our kids and our good fortune. Rather, I hope it inspires you parents. I’ve spoken, online and in person, to several parents that are discouraged with trying to get their young kids outdoors during the winter. They are teaching them to ski or snowboard and wondering if all their energy is being spent in vain.

We’ve spent the years on the bunny hill, backs aching, toddlers in tears. We’ve had to muster over and over again. Last Friday was payback day.




One comment on “Family Powder Ski Day [Video]
  1. I just watched this with the kids and here’s what they had to say about it:

    “That was TOTALLY AMAZING” – Sydney
    “That was awesome. We should move so we can go skiing with them!” – Cameron
    “That’s pretty cool – I want to try that some day” – Landon

    They LOVED watching the video and even more loved that it was YOUR KIDS!!

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