Expect[ing] to Thrive: Oh, the Places a Beco Carrier Will Go + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Expect[ing] to Thrive has had an awesome week, two weeks really and today I get to introduce to you our go-to piece of baby gear. If you know us, well…you’ve heard our spiel. If not, then know this: If there was only one piece of baby gear I could recommend, it would be this…the Beco Butterfly. Let me elaborate by showing you the photo that has probably received the most comments on Facebook:

One kid on the rope. One kid on my back. One kid on my leg. And no…they aren’t all MY kids. But then I do have three kids…ย The one on my back was cold and tired and her daddy was half way up a route. The Beco saved the day. And for the record there were more adults, I was just a mommy magnet that day. Now for something a little silly…cause we are NEVER silly around here. ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel a little like Doctor Seuss today. I want to rhyme my way through this post… because there are a thousand reasons why we like Beco Butterfly the most.

The kid can go on the front or the back. They roll up small and are easy to pack.

We use them while hiking, craggin’, and skiing. Often for napping and even for feeding.

The kid is kept warmer in cold temperatures, and adjusting waist belts means it don’t matter what you measure.

The kid is kept close and over your hips, helping with balance and longer trips.

Great for the parent who needs an extra hand, or the kiddo who will no longer stand.

Ok, ok, enough of the rhyming! But admit it… it was a little fun, wasn’t it? If you want to stay active after having a baby, a baby carrier is a no brainer. But when you start talking outdoor pursuits: hiking, climbing, skiing…the large framed backpacks get all the attention. Until now. I am not saying they aren’t great. Far from it. But having tried various options, we’ve settled on a the Beco Butterfly…for EVERY single outing we go on. We have:

  • summited mountains
  • searched for sand dollars on the Oregon beaches
  • hung out at the crag
  • walked the farmers market
  • taught our older kids to ski
  • hiked through Arches
  • crossed (shallow) rivers
  • belayed our older kids while rock climbing
  • watched Freestyle World Cup Aerials with our baby zipped inside our down coat.

…while wearing the Beco Butterfly. Yays! (What we love)

  • ย The fun, clean, style and patterns of the fabric
  • The padded shoulder and waist straps
  • The removable infant insert that is not bulky, but makes it comfortable for newborns
  • The ergonomic design for baby
  • Inside panel makes for quick on/off and allows you to pass the baby easily between two people
  • Removable headrest for the sleeping-baby-dangling-head-thing they get going on ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Safety buckles that ensure my two year old doesn’t accidentally unbuckle herself and fall out.
  • You can do the “double beco” wearing one in front and back, or a “Bjorn/Beco” depending on what carriers you have around!
  • I can use one carrier from 7 lbs. to 45 lbs.
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA

ย Nays (Wish was better)

Nowhere to store anything, especially noticeable on a hike. But when the baby is on front, you can wear a normal backpack very easily and comfortably.








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And now for the GIVEAWAY!ย  Beco is giving away one carrier to a Kid Project reader this week! Fabric print and product style (ie. Gemini/Butterfly) will depend on product availability at the closure of the raffle. Please follow the Rafflecopter links below!

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73 comments on “Expect[ing] to Thrive: Oh, the Places a Beco Carrier Will Go + Giveaway!
  1. This carrier looks wonderful! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and starting to research carriers and would love the Beco Gemini in Sierra Espresso. Thanks for all these amazing giveaways — so much fun!

  2. This is one carrier I haven’t had a chance to try (and would love to gift it to my sister in law having a baby in December!) I have heard great things, though! LOVE the owl print!

  3. This is just too much of a coincidence – I only JUST heard about these amazing carriers from a friend yesterday who was telling me how much better this is than the ergo….and here’s a little competition you have on offer – thanks for the opportunity to at least be in the draw!!

  4. Thanks to Brave Ski Mom whose tweet I followed here… I live on a dirt road in the mountains. A well meaning friend just offered me her second hand designer urban stroller. Husband and I look at each other. We don’t know anything about what’s coming but that doesn’t look right. “What would we use that for?” we ask each other. Ask well meaning friend, “Do we actually need that?” “Oh yes! And it’s the very best.” Look at each other. Look at dirt driveway, cluster of bikes, climbing gear in pile in garage. “Uh, can we get back to you.” So thanks for your blog. Am “expecting” to be a regular. (PS Gemini le Scooter Khaki or Heli Khaki… looks pretty stylin’ to me.)

  5. This carrier looks awesome!! I suffered through the past year with an infantino and I refuse to continue to wear it! A beco will be my next carrier!!

  6. I like the Butterfly 2,in foxie black. It would be for a girl but I like that dad won’t look funny using it either. Looks like a great product, that could very useful.

  7. Im in love with the beci denim special edition. but I couldn’t find one in my country. so… I settled with nova insider.
    so far I LOVE IT!

  8. Been wanting Beco carrier, only I cant afford to buy a new carrier. I’d love Luka or Amy prints. I hope I can win one! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. I absolutely love my bb2. A lives in it when we are out and about or if she just needs to be held close. Out first hike with her (2.5 months) was thanks to our bb2. I would love to get a second one to lend to friends and show them just how comfortable babywearing can be. Thanks.

  10. I’m partial to the Duke Khaki cuz that’s what we have, but all the designs are great. We got ours from Alyssa and Chris’s recommendation that it’s greatest thing sinced sliced bread for outdoorsy parents and it has lived up to the claim, we love it! And we would be happy to win a second as we’ve got 2 kids!

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  14. I chose the Beco Gemini over the Ergo Performance for a couple of reasons. I live in AZ so heat is a big issue. Even though the performance purports to be made of fabric that allows airflow, you can’t beat less fabric in general. If you look at the Ergo fabric wraps all around the side of your baby, blocking airflow. The Beco Gemini has gaps on the sides, so even though the fabric is thicker (and black) my baby is cooler. ALSO, the Beco’s straps are long enough that I can crisscross them behind my back which is way more comfortable.

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