Resist Busy

A word to myself: Resist busy, Alyssa. Resist.

I enjoyed quite this afternoon [thanks to the husband]. I escaped to some lone rock, up a not-so-lone canyon to watch the sun rays dance off the rock faces, read and journal and talk with God. I forgot a pen. And I forgot my Bible. And my other book I wanted to read.  But I was there. So I sat.

And I noticed the gold leaves nearly turned brown and I dreamt of the snow that would soon line the peak tops. I watched a few climbers dance up a crack and ropes flash shadow on granite. It was beautiful.

I think back on my last few months. What has been beautiful? I remember a few moments…cobblestone climbs, a sun setting on our second pitch, a few belly laughing kiddos…in short the few times I had s-l-o-w-e-d down enough to notice life sparkling around me.

And so, with that being said, I am going to detox this next week or so. Things will be quieter on Facebook and Twitter. [In case you are wondering.] But I am going to try some more quiet. Try to capture and store up the beauty around me enough to energize me through the busy holiday season. How about you? What have been your moments of pause? What have you stopped and seen today, that you would not see, had you not stopped?

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