I was wrong…investing in good kid’s boots is worth it. [KEEN, Basin WP Review]

For years now I have been a big believer in investing in more expensive, high quality kid’s shoes for outdoor activities. If you wonder why, you can visit my post here: Why Investing in Your Kid’s Shoes is Important! But in the next breath, I have been caught (more than once) saying the same was not true for kid’s winter boots. Buy cheap, I’d say, they are all the same…my mind is changed now.

Watch our video review below:

What we like about the KEEN Basin WP: (we like to call these the “yays!”)

I would say it is fact, that you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes. Unless you snag a great brand at a great price. As a family we’ve experienced that. After one winter, our cheap target snow boots ripped up the back. Nothing a little duct tape couldn’t fix. However, if you want good winter boots that will last, through either lots of use during a long winter or though multiple children…then once again investing in a more expensive pair might be cheaper in the long run.

The KEEN Basin WP has:

  • Standard, high quality KEEN out-sole.
  • Leather exterior good for molding to the kid’s foot and handling rugged terrain or lots of use.
  • The lace or cord is not some cheap bungee that stretches our and/or breaks (trust me I know ALL about this…). It is strong and so far as no signs of wear.
  • The lace tightens from the ankle to mid-shin, a much better option than the single Velcro strap around the leg that many kid’s boots have.
  • Warm, very warm.
  • Not sloppy and bulky, but fit more like a hiking boot, while maintaining the warmth and height needed in a snow boot.


Cost. No doubt. I don’t know many parents who want to spend $75-$80 on a pair of kids snow boots. But I can honestly say the increased cost shows in the increased quality of the boot.

Bottom Line?

We’d give the KEEN Basin WP a strongly positive review, especially if you live in a snowy and cold environment that requires a boot as primary footwear throughout the colder months. In addition, a boot like this would be great if you are engaging in activities with your kid’s like snowshoeing and need something a little higher performing than the average kid’s snow boot.

*The Kid Project received these boots for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are, as always, our real and honest opinions. 

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5 comments on “I was wrong…investing in good kid’s boots is worth it. [KEEN, Basin WP Review]
  1. If you check 6pm.com /zappos.com, they have them on sale sometimes.
    I ordered them at the end of the summer for about $48, that looks like a good deal if you can predict your child size!

  2. I buy quality stuff for my kids (4 ages 13 to 7) at the REI Garage Sale (or Gear Sale). Our REI has them quarterly for members only. They sell their return merchandise for a deeply discounted price. You never know what your going to find, but usually LOTS of gently used kids stuff and shoes. We bought my 13-year old 170.00 Keen hiking boots for $2.95. Reason returned “They hurt my feet after using”. They were less used than stuff I buy at Consignment stores.

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