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DucksDay kids mitten for playing in snow We’ve just recently been introduced to DucksDay kid’s clothing products. Our two-year-old is pictured here in the kid’s mitten and DucksDay snow/rain/wind suit (review coming soon). And we are pretty stoked about these products!

As an outdoor blogger, I get a LOT of questions about how to keep kids warm, and “are there any mitten that stay on?!” Mittens are both necessary and inherently frustrating, exasperating, bothersome, difficult, and a hassle to deal with when it comes to kids.

It usually goes like this:

1. After 5 minutes of wrestling with the mitten and your kid’s arm…you finally get it on. Awesome!

2. Two minutes later the kid tries to grab a toy/snowball/ski pole and becomes increasingly frustrated as they cannot “pick it up.”

3. They cry.

4. You try to help them up from the ground, where they threw themselves in a fit of tears. You grab their hand…mitten comes off.

5. After 5 minutes of wrestling with the mitten and your kid’s arm…you finally get it back on.

6. After two minutes your kid is frustrated again…so they take the mittens off. Trip over their awkward boots and fall in the snow. Covering their cute BARE little hands in freezing snow. And they cry again.

7. You pick up the kid and repeat. And repeat. And finally go inside. 🙂

What DucksDay has to offer:

A kid’s Thinsulate mitten, in fun colors that has an extra long cuff to keep them on their hands!

DucksDay mitten review Product Detail:

3M Thinsulate lining
Soft, breathable Waterproof/Windproof (10000/5000) fabric
Extra long mittens with adjusters at wrist and cuff
Available in 3 sizes: S (2-4), M (4-6), L (6-8).



  1. DucksDay grippy hands, mittens Velcro strap around wrist.
  2. Bungee cord to tighten at the end of the mitten,  higher up near elbow.
  3. Durable construction.
  4. Grippy and durable fabric in palm of hand.
  5. Comes high up the arm, to mid-forearm or elbow-keeps the snow out and the mitten on!
  6. Stays on! I could repeat this over and over.
  7. Easy to get on. Mitten can be easily put on under the jacket sleeve or over.
  8. Easy for kids to pick up / hold on / grab things.
  9. Inexpensive.


Bungee cord could be more durable. I yanked on mine and plastic stopper came off. But then…I really did yank. On accident, of course 🙂

Jury is still out on:

kids snowshoeing Warmth and insulation. The insulating material in these mittens is about half as thick as in our Gordini mittens. This isn’t just a bad thing. The thinner insulation makes it easier for kids to grab and manipulate the mitten, but it also means they just aren’t quite as warm as I’d like them to be. We can spend 3-4 hours outdoors without a “warm up break.” Often our youngest’s hands were cold in these mitten especially as she was riding in a carrier or not keeping warm through exertion.


DucksDay has made the highest quality and most attractive kids “long” or “elbow” mitten that I have seen yet. They did not skimp on quality, something I can appreciate as a mom and my kids love the fabric and patterns. I do not think these would be warm enough for a young toddler that is say riding in a carrier for extended snowshoe/winter hiking trips, riding in a dog sled all day or even being pulled in a polk while cross-country. All these activities usually include minimal exertion for the kids but long hours in the cold.

These mittens are PERFECT for the other 98% of kids! I do think they are ideal for warm ski days, kids who play outside sledding, in the yard or at parks for roughly 1-2 hours…which is the vast majority of kids. 🙂 They can be purchased at Ollie and Stella Outfitters for roughly $25.

DucksDay kids mitten for skiing

(We’d like to thank DucksDay for providing these products for review. As always, our opinions are our real and honest perspectives.)

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