Gear Review: VivoBarefoot Kid’s – When barefoot kids need shoes…

Vivobarefoot swing I read a great article by my fellow blogger, Cragmama, about the benefits of letting your kids go barefoot indoors and out. I’ve heard the stats before, benefits that include:

  1. Promoting natural development
  2. Increased body awareness relative to its space
  3. Increased strength and agility in the feet, ankles and legs.

I love the lifestyle bare feet suggests: freedom, easy, comfort, relaxation. 

So after reading her post, and contemplating it for a while, I suggested to my husband we start by having a no-shoes in the house rule. I figured it would serve my vacuuming needs as well. And what did he do? He laugh at me.

He laughed at me! “Love,” he said, “you do know that it will be like fighting the tide, right? You aren’t a no-shoes person. You wear shoes or slippers all the time!”

In the weeks after, I’ve noticed it to be true. And while my youngest girl wishes to be sans shoes ALL the time, I find myself constantly nagging her to get shoes on. Maybe is has been drilled into me since my own childhood. Maybe it is deep memories of stubbed toes. But whatever it is, I am not a no-shoes mama. I worry about glass and rocks and nails. Too much probably.

That being said, I have seen great benefit in my kid’s comfort and coordination when I purposely purchase shoes that have a minimalistic feel – or somehow make them feel barefoot. In fact, I can say that the VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are reached for most often in our household.


  • Testing Duration: 6-8 weeks
  • Conditions: pavement, playground, easy dirt and rock trails
  • Best Uses: Daily shoes, running, playground. When bare feet are desirable but not necessarily safe.

Neo Velcro Kid’s

Vivo Neo Velcro


  • This is my favorite of the VIVO kid shoes! Most versatile in terms of style.
  • Velcro secures the foot but is fast and easy for kids.
  • I was uncertain of the durability of the upper fabric, but so far so good! They have been thoroughly beaten up, but show little wear.
  • The sole is rugged and tough even though it feels “hardly there”.
  • Lots of rubber contact with the ground on the sole, making for descent traction.
  • Dries quickly if they get wet.
  • Removable insole if you want a greater “barefoot” feel. I kept it in, and like that in the spring or winter is helps keep the feet warmer.
  • No socks neccessary!


Cost is a bit much for me…$65 MSRP

Pally Kid’s

Vivo Pally's barefoot shoe


  • Cute Mary Jane style.
  • Same barefoot benefits in a more “normal” style shoe.
  • Leather upper is functional and durable except for normal scuffing.
  • Removable insole if you want a greater “barefoot” feel.


Velcro strap is a tad long for my daughter. When she tightens it down on her skinny foot, approx 2 inches drags on the ground.

Cost again is high, but as of 6/20/2013 They are on sale for $35! Check their site:

Why should you consider barefoot shoes for your kids?

*We’d like to thank VIVOBAREFOOT  who gave us these shoes at no cost for the purpose of review. As always, these are our honest opinions. 

7 comments on “Gear Review: VivoBarefoot Kid’s – When barefoot kids need shoes…
  1. Those do seem a little pricey, but I’m totally a barefoot minimalist enthusiast now! Maybe I will wait for some to go on sale 😉 My son’s foot grows every time I look at them but my daughter has a slower growth rate so I might look into them for her. By the way, my household is a barefoot house, outside play and the other day we did some barefoot hiking at the beach! Great Review.

  2. Hi

    Many thanks for sharing your experience!

    I got one question about your daughter and her shoes. Does she have wide feet or like mine narrow ones?
    I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and different sizes. Her current size sh is wearing from another brand is UK8.5 but with Vivobrefoot she is UK9. And it seems that the vivobarefoot are really for her she is a E or F at Clarks.


      • Oh thanks for your quick answer. Do you feel your daughter is struggling walking with her vivobarefoit shoes? I bought the same shoes in black for school. I just want her to be comfortable.

        • No , no problems walking. In fact she routinely chooses them over other shoes. But if you hold comes from using more structured shoes she might have to get used to walking “barefoot”. But we’ve had no problems.

          • Thanks!

            Actually she is used to walk barefoot or with soft sole shoes. But her feet was just so small in these shoes but with socks she seems a little bit better…
            Dd you also have aproblem with the lenght? The shoes seem to be pretty smaller than usual

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