Learning to find stillness…

It took five days. FIVE days to get my”chill” on.

For good or bad, I would define my family as weekend warriors. What is a weekend warrior?

Well, as a family we don’t want to squander or miss a moment of time we can be playing. Our weekends keep us recharged for the sometimes long weeks. They are packed full of hiking, climbing, skiing…

But nothing can make up for extended time off.

A few years ago my husband was burned out at work. And his boss strongly urged a two week vacation. Having traveled a lot as a child, I was like ,” Finally!” We made our plans. We packed the car. Our camper. Our kids. And hit the road.

And it took us a week to forget the things back home we forgot to do. The things we meant to do or should do. It took a week for us to RELAX.

And I am finding that true this time too. Our first week has been awesome. We paddle boarded on Lake Tahoe, discovered Fishermans Wharf, explored old ships, and ate fresh fish on the coast. But I remained restless in my soul. Stir crazy.

Thinking about school or home or cleaning or my triathlon training schedule. When it came time to just sit I was distracted.

But yesterday I hit that magic stride. I just sat and actually enjoyed it.

There is a time for just sitting. For noticing the way the birds are chatting in the tree tops and how the ants are working diligently to clean up our lunch mess. For watching the tide creep and crash it’s way up the beach and how eye lashes flicker peacefully during a nap.

There is time.

That school schedule will get nailed down. The clothes will get cleaned and kids bathed. Meals will made and errands run. But one day my kids won’t giggle when I chase them. They won’t want to hold my hand on a hike or play trucks with me. One day they’ll have a “to do list” of their own.

There is time.

Time to stop rushing around.


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  1. So with you on that….we go, go, go! I worry our kids will literally not KNOW how to chill! And good golly, I need a vacation after this fire season of craziness/single parenting it! Enjoy your last days!

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