Gear Review: Stonewear Designs Toaster Top [Fall Colors you Wear]

  • Another super snuggly performance top to keep you covered this fall/winter!
  • Toaster top up close Toaster Zip Top

  • Location: Wasatch Range, UT
  • Activities: Hiking, Climbing/Bouldering, Daily Living
  • Best Use: Skiing, Snowshoeing, Backpacking/Hiking, Casual Wear
  • Yays!

    Fit: Sleeve length was near perfect for me, not too long. But then I am short with short arms… The fit is relaxed in the arms and shoulders, making it very comfortable but not unflattering.

    Function: As a casual wear top, it is super cute with seams that are flattering and dress it up from the normal “outdoor clothing” look. I could (and plan on) wearing it on Thanksgiving. But the stretchy fabric makes it comfortable for climbing, hiking, and the zip neck is ideal for skiing and snowshoeing.

    Sizing/Length: Being that I am on the shorter side of things with narrow shoulders, the fit/length was perfect for me! Looking back at many of the photos, the sleeves sit sort of long, but maybe I am so used to this in all my shirts that I never noticed?

  • Fabric: Does Stonewear make anything not buttery soft?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. On another note, (neither good nor bad) the fabric was lighter weight than I expected it to be. Making it perfect as a baselayer or outer layer during the shoulder seasons.
  • Nays

  • Pattern? I want to say that I LOVE this pattern. It is perfect in the fall. But honestly, when I am purchasing a multi-functioning top like this, I usually go for colors and patterns that I would wear year-round. Call me weird, but I might not wear this top on a summer backpacking trip even though it would perform perfect for it, because of the fall leaf pattern.
  • Preference specifics: There are certain performance things I am picky on, but every one’s opinion is different. While I love the fit of the sleeve, the wrist opening is a little too loose when I am climbing. I like something more “fore-arm-fitting” for those nice hand jams.
  • Secondly, this is another shirt I think would benefit from thumb loops! But then, I think most long sleeve shirts would!
  • self portrait Stonewear Toaster top
  • We’d like to thanks Stonewear Designs for providing this product for the purpose of review. As always these are our honest opinions.

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