Feeding Passions: Mountain Biking with Kids

For most parents I talk to, getting into outdoor sports with their kids is a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be.

My son has been riding a Strider bike since he was 22 month old. And at age 4, he graduated to pedals. We’ve done nothing special. The majority of his time on a bike is racing up and down our neighborhood street, like every other kid out there.

One day he asked if people bike on the mountains, and so we took him on his first trail ride and to his first bike park. To be honest, the hardest part for Chris and I is that he wants to go ALL THE TIME.

People wonder how we get our kids to love the outdoors so much and be “into” all the things we love. Honestly, it is as simple as giving them the opportunity.

5 Tips for Mountain Biking with your Kids

  1. Pick your trail correctly. One with rolling hills or gentle downhill.
  2. Find a local bike park with flow trails and pump tracks to practice basic skills.
  3. Just like on a hike, bring snacks and water. Or only plan on being out for a short while.
  4. You don’t need tons of specialized gear and clothing! Jeans are remarkably protective. And simple sneakers will work.
  5. Have them wear their soccer shin guards. My son came up with this on his own. With every fall he landed on his shin or knees, (and don’t forget the inevitable pedal swinging around to get you in the shin). Those shin guards have saved many tears. 🙂


3 comments on “Feeding Passions: Mountain Biking with Kids
  1. Our 2- (almost 3-) year old has picked this week to start DEMANDING that we all go camping! Of course, my husband and I are crazy busy at work, and there’s so many roads closed, parks closed, and campgrounds closed that we don’t have anywhere to go! The floods and then shut-down were a big 1-2 punch this year. 🙁

    I think it might be time for a tent in the back yard!

    • You guys did get “punched” this year! Sometimes kids crack me up! Like last year when they all wanted to go skiing after the snow melted… Sometimes they have a hard time embracing seasons.

  2. Love getting out there with our kids… my seven year old went from just getting off training wheels last year, to rocking a bike with gears and handbrakes this year. And the four year old went from the balance bike to a pedal bike. They really can do so much!! If keeping up with them is the biggest challenge, I’m all for it!!

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