Seize the Fall Season with:

I hear it every year. And have already heard it a handful of times in the last week.

There are only two seasons around here, Summer and Winter. Fall only lasts a week or so.

I hate to be the contrarian, but I respectfully disagree.

So why does it always feel like Fall comes and goes so quickly? Because we get busy. School happens. And youth sports. And work. And football season. We don’t get outside and see Fall in its majesty.

Even running and riding outdoors this year has helped me to embrace the seasonal change. I notice the leaves suddenly fading to gold around the corner from my house. I see the mountains painted red and yellow in the sun. And I crunch over the leaves already retired. Fall hasn’t been short for me. I’ve already enjoyed 6 weeks of it!

Carving out even one day in the next few weeks to breathe deep the fresh air, will help you feel like you didn’t “miss” Fall. So today we are joining a group of outdoor family bloggers to write about our favorite Fall outdoor activities. Check out the crew at the bottom of this post to get some ideas of your own.

Fall Bouldering / Climbing

My favorite thing to do in the fall? Climb. Even last week I got the “itch” mid week and took the kids bouldering. Why? Because you can easily get an hour or so of good climbing before the sunsets. And bouldering is super kid friendly, allowing me to do it when I am solo with the kids or not.

But if I have my wish? I head to southern Utah. Where I can warm myself like a lizard on the orange sandstone. Really Fall is the perfect time of year to climb.

boy climbing

Kids climbing Moab UT


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