Ski Schooling [Taking the Rope Tow with Kids?!]

Many of us have kids that are just starting to learn to ski this season. And while learning to ski is full of all sorts of challenges, none more so than transportation back UP the hill with our kids. Lifts and rope tows are equally challenging. Magic carpets are perhaps the most user-friendly. But if you local ski hill has rope tows servicing the beginner areas, don’t freak out.

It can be done!

Rope tow at Alta, Resort, UT – free all the time, making it an appealing way to start the kids!

How do we approach a rope tow with young kids?

  1. Without grabbing the rope tow, side step into position right next to it.
  2. Point your skis in the right direction. IE. Up hill in alignment with the rope.
  3. Place the kid between your skis. Point THEIR skis in the right direction.
  4. Have the child lean back against your legs. They might feel more comfortable wrapping their arms back around your thighs.
  5. Grab on to the rope tow. Older kids might want to assist by grabbing on to the rope, with your support.

Rope Tow with kids

Stupid things I’ve done?

  1. Don’t forget gloves or mittens. One warm sunny day I grabbed that rope with my bare hands.  Stupid. Infact, bring gloves with a leather palm. I have shredded a light pair of wool gloves during this process!
  2. Make sure to squeeze your legs together slightly, often squeezing them between your knees. Otherwise, they might just slip right through your legs! Trust me, it has happened.
  3. Prepare your kid by warning them of a slight jerk when you first get started – or if the rope tow comes to a stop.
  4. Accept that your arms will get tired!

Pro tips

Once you are more comfortable, pull yourself forward on the cable, and if your local rope tow has one of those metal handles, slip it behind your butt or back.

All of the sudden you are nearly hands free!

rope tow with kids

I hope this helps!

Have a great weekend friends!!

-the Ericksons

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