Gear Review: Stonz Mittz; Best Kid Mitten I’ve Found

A good mitten is priceless to our ski family. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter. And the wrong gear can mean we are spending a lot of time fussing.

Today we are reviewing the Stonz Mittz. Having trouble keeping your kid’s mittens on? Check out this post after reading our review! Q&A: How do you keep mittens on your toddler’s hands?

Stonz Mittz sledding

Tested in: Wasatch Range, UT; Skiing, Sledding, Winter wear

Cost: $30-$40

Best Use: Winter Mittens for kids ages 0-??. Great for skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and casual winter wear.

sisters wearing the Stonz Mittz for skiing

Selling Points: Let me shoot straight. I haven’t found a better mitten.

  1. They keep my kid’s hands warm and don’t fall off! I spend half my day wrestling normal mittens back on their hands over and over and over again. I’ve not had them fall off even once… well, maybe once but it was “extenuating sledding circumstances.” 🙂
  2. The mittens have a bungy strap for tightening both at the wrist (keeps them on) and around the elbow.
  3. They are super easy to get on, just make sure you loosen the bungies first. I can’t really explain this but for some reason we have had no problem getting these on, getting thumbs in the “thumb hole”, or getting the “arm sleeve” portion over their jackets, even really puffy down jackets. I’d guess it is the wide roomy openings.
  4. They had great features like a small buckle for keeping them together when they aren’t being worn, durable gripping material on the palm, and soft fleece on the backside of the thumb for runny noses.
  5. Extra long sleeve that goes up to the elbow means no snow down or up their cuffs while playing or after a wipe out.
  6. And did I mention the super cute colors and prints?
  7. They have Baby Mittz, minus the thumb hole for easy on/off.

Easy on/off Stonz Mittz

Desired Improvements: None, absolutely love them.

The Bottom Line: These are durable, warm, and cute mittens for a great price. I’d highly recommend them for anyone and everyone one who is looking for a good kid mitten.

Skiing with the Stonz Mitts for kids

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8 comments on “Gear Review: Stonz Mittz; Best Kid Mitten I’ve Found
  1. Hi Alyssa,

    I found your blog after reading your comment on how to make my 18-month-old wear her mitts. (I was asking Tanya Koob this question on her blog “Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies”) My daughter’s mitts are not heavier than Stonz wear but they were much smaller compared to Stonz. The narrow opening and tiny thumb hole make it a very difficult task when it was time for mitts….. I did tried natural consequences the other day and it was not working on my daughter. It was -6 (-16 with wind chill) that day. She was happily picking up sticks and rocks at the beginning and I thought maybe it was still not cold enough for her. I was wrong. 10 mins later, she was crying and wanted to go inside but she still not letting me put on her mitts. I think she is too young to understand the consequence — “no mitts = cold hands”.
    I also considered buying Stonz mittz (2-4 yr) but they seems to be very large for a 18-month-old (I tried one on myself and I could get my hand all the way to the bottom.) I was not able to put them on my little one because she was busying playing toys in the local store and was refusing anything on her hands. I would like to know if they are too big for your 2-yr-old? Are she able to pick up things with Stonz mittz on? I’m about to buy her a pair of fleece or wool mitts that are easier for her to “pick it up” and see if she will gradually accept playing outside with the softer mitts — it’s better than bare hands. I will still need a pair of warms mitts for the really cold days though.

    • I feel your pain! I plan on writing a full post is response to this. But in short the Stonz mitt fits great with my youngest. She can pick things up But she is now 3 yrs old. Bigger than your 18 month old and I guessing the long cuff will only make the problem worse. Before buying cheap fleece you could also try wool or fleece socks. We did that a bit. But honestly? All my kids did this. I have a dear friend dealing with this exact issue. And they grew out of it but it was a hard winter indoors for us. All our coaxing with different gear failed. When it was a safety issue ( ie. we had to be outside) we forced the issue with the buntings with fold over mitts she couldn’t get off. And yes, we dealt with a crying kid who was mad at us. But it was only a season of their life which, if you are like me, you will quick forget about!

  2. Thank you for the fast response. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only mom who has a stubborn little girl to deal with. The thing is that this winter is very likely to be our last Canadian snowy winter and I want to be able to enjoy snow activities a bit more. Sunny days are so precious in St. John’s (especially in the winter!) and I really don’t want to be house bound because of my baby girl. It may sound very selfish but it is driving me crazy to be a stay-at-home mom who stay indoors the entire winter. Some moms from my home country have been criticize about me “forcing” my daughter to go outside with me in such a cold day. They asked why can’t I just stay indoor if I can’t get my girl to wear her mitts. Maybe I’m too selfish….
    By the way, I read your other post THE BATTLE CRY OF A STAY-AT-HOME-MOM and I couldn’t agree more. Glad I find your blog!

  3. Forgot to mention that I tried wool socks and her fleece glove puppets in snow today. She was not too happy with them but she can pick things up and it wasn’t wet snow so she was OK. Her hands were cold though. I’m hoping to find some thicker puppet mitts that she might be willing to wear (Something like this: Unfortunately amazon doesn’t ship to Canada. I miss my days in the states — it was much easier to buy almost anything online.

    • Yup, If I have to be honest… I choose the get outside and have an angry toddler over the stuck inside and have an angry mother. 🙂 Good luck! And as an encouragement. As we “forced” them to have mittens on and just let them fuss it out, they eventually fussed less and less and “accepted their lot in life.” I am guessing how much and how long the kid fights you, depends on how much fight is in their little personality. Consistence is probably the key. 🙂

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  5. I live in northern Manitoba, and these are not warm enough for my kids in -20 weather. Their hands get cold. Now, these are the best that we have found, but this is an area of clothing that lacks for children. I want to try the Canda Goose down mitts, but with they had a longer gauntlet and bungies. Plus they are $$$$

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