The Froggy Potty

One small trick we learned for toddlers is to bring our little training potty – known as the Froggy Potty in our household, with on any camping trips.  A great addition for those toddlers recently potty trained and unable to hold it the 5 minute walk to the outhouse.  Or say the kids terrified by “the big black hole.”  Or say the kid who hasn’t mastered going in the forest and inherently soils those precious warm layers you packed.   Also great for early morning/middle of the night trips that are so much worse when you are stumbling around in the dark and cold, trying to get your little one to go quick so you can get back to your sleeping bag.

One comment on “The Froggy Potty
  1. The adult camping potties are also a life saver for the pregnant camper! I put one inside the vestibule and for those middle of the night moments i didn't have to get dressed or put shoes on.

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