The Deuter Kid Comfort III Baby Carrier

Contributors: Sam and Hilary Lowe; Fort Collins, CO

For those serious hikers out there who love to bring their kiddos along, this backpack is perfect for you. There are a lot of backpacks out there to choose from and it can be overwhelming trying to find one that works best. We tried going cheap and used hand-me-down packs that squeaked with every step and sent us sore and achy to the chiropractor. The packs were not only uncomfortable for me, but our little ones complained as well. It became a battle just getting them into the pack.

Then one spring, we met the Deuter! We went on a hike with some friends who had the Deuter and we didn’t. My husband’s back was killing him and our 2 year old only weighed 20 lbs. at the time. From that day on, we knew the Deuter was the pack for us. Wow, what a difference. No more achy back, no more complaining, and no more squeaking along the trail.

We purchased this back when our 3rd child was on the way and have spent many a hike out and about toting her around. The pack features plenty of storage space (1,200 cubic inches) for water, snacks, sunscreen, and whatever else you may need to bring along. We stuff our Beco ( in too so we have an option just in case our toddler needs a brief ride as well.

In addition, here is a quick list of more great features:

  1. Incredibly adjustable. My husband is 6’2” and I am 5’5”. This pack adjusts in minutes for easy transfer on the trail. The harness also adjusts to sit smaller children up higher.
  2.  There is a removable plush pillow for comfy napping in the pack.
  3. This pack can carry a 40 lb. kid.
  4. And a high back headrest with a zip-out sun roof/rain cover which works great shading
  5. our baby and keeping her dry during a rain storm.
  6. The buckle system is color coded for ease of use and safety.
  7. Well worth the price tag ($298)!

As with most things, some cons exist:

1. The high back headrest is a bit tall and hits tree branches and limits maneuverability through tight spots. This con just takes getting used to.
2. The pack itself starts out a bit heavy (6 lbs. 13 oz.) and is bulky when packing it in the
3. We have the 2010 version and the zippers on the pockets are difficult to open and close. The 2011 version has a different zipper design that works better.
4. It’s expensive.

Happy hiking!

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  4. I absolutely LOVE the Deuter’s. I have a Kid Comfort II, which is basically the same but it doesn’t come with the tall back, or the integrated sun shield. I had to buy mine separate, but it was still totally worth it. Love these packs!

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