Pre-made Breakfast Burritoes

A camping breakfast REVOLUTION!

Earlier, Hilary Lowe posted an awesome recipe for Easy Breakfast Burritos. Here is another one thanks to Jen Dekorte!  The key points being pre-made and wrapped in foil. Any recipe would probably be great. No prep on those cold camping mornings when it is struggle just to get out of your sleeping bag. And no clean-up when the crew is ready to head out on that hike!  Just toss them in the fire!

So here you go:
6 Eggs
Various veggies
Cheddar Cheese
tomatoes or  1 container fresh salsa/brochette mix
1 bag cubed potatoes/hashbrowns
12 tortillas (spinach preferably)

Scramble eggs, add sauteed onion and mushrooms (or whatever veggies you think would be good). Brown potatoes/ hashbrowns. Roll egg, potato, cheese (Cheddar Tillamook rocks!), diced tomatoes or brochette mix (I did a fresh pico de gallo mix from whole foods) up in a spinach tortilla from Whole Foods (I used red chili tortillas) and roll it in foil.  Store in gallon sized Ziploc.  Toss in fire when ready to eat or pan sere it on your camp stove!  Add sour cream at the end for extra awesomeness!

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