Sometimes Mom gets away too!

Things might be a little quiet on the Kid Project front because this mom is throwing on a loaded backpack and hitting the trail with a group of women for four days. Yes, four days of backpacking and hopefully in the end some refreshed spirits and successful summits of Mt. Belford (14,197′), Mt. Oxford (14,153′) and Missouri Mountain (14,067′), in central Colorado.

Honestly, I am a little nervous. It has been six years (precisely as long as I’ve been a mom) since I’ve been backpacking. Seven years since I’ve summited a fourteener. And well, I’ve never been gone from my kids for four days. Three…yes. Four…no. And I’ve realized something. I love being around my kids, but often I hide behind them.


They are my excuse if I think I am going to “fail.” They have been there in front of me getting all the attention and I’ve always been secretly scared to step out on my own. Center stage.

But for four days it is just me [and other awesome women, my mother included :)] and the mountains. No husband to carry the tent when my legs are screaming. No excuses. Me, my body, my will, my God, and the rugged world He made.

It is funny, other than the obvious excitement of a great outdoor adventure, what am I most excited for? The flight out to Colorado. It has been a LONG time since I’ve traveled alone. No baby in my lap, no toddler I am trying to keep entertained, no hushing, no feeding, no breaking up fights. I will not be the mom this time that everyone glances at with that, “ugh-oh, not another crying kid on the plane” look we all know too well.  What am I going to do?!  A good book? A good magazine? A good nap?

 But until then, think of me when you look to the mountaintops, [and pray for the husband who is braving single-dad-hood for four days] and I will attempt to update our progress on Facebook and Twitter as often as I dare [or cell coverage lets me.] And lets hope all those hikes carrying a toddler on my back have helped prepare me for some serious weight being carried up some seriously steep terrain.

See ya on the other side!


5 comments on “Sometimes Mom gets away too!
  1. I love this. Most women choose spa days or shopping for their time away from the kids. This is much more fun. I got a lot of comments (mostly in disagreement) when I posted on Facebook the my perfect girls’ day ever was skiing the powder.

    • You got comments in disagreement about a powder day! No way! I am with you…probably 98% of my husband’s and my date nights or aniversaries are spend on some summit, in some crag, or on some slopes. We’d have it no other way. We might come home physically exhausted but our inner spirits are refreshed. Where are you in utah? We might have to meet up this winter for some skiing :).

  2. Oh so very jealous….and happy for you! I yearn for the day when even getting away for a DAY is possible to refresh this mama’s soul! Enjoy every moment! (and I am sure you will come back to a wonderful reunion! :))

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