Ski Schooling – Rent or Buy?

Rent or Buy [updated Fall 2016]

One thing is obvious, before you can teach your kids to ski, they need equipment. And for many parents, they hit this obstacle and never move past it! The word hassle comes to mind. Where do we find skis? What size? And most importantly, “How much is this costing me?!

First, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many times will you take the kids this winter?
  • What are the rental prices at local stores?
  • Do your kids grow fast or have siblings to pass skis on to?

The answers to these questions will determine which is the best option for you. For example, if you only plan to ski once or twice with the kids, and rental prices are $12-$20/day for rentals, then it is best to rent.

A word on renting:

Pick up your skis the night before!

It is hard enough getting kids out the door – don’t complicate it with a trip to the ski store BEFORE heading to the ski area. In addition, renting AT the ski resort might save you time (maybe) but will not save you money.

For our 1st post on how to introduce your kids to backcountry skiing, here is your link -->

For our 1st post on how to introduce your kids to backcountry skiing, here is your link –>

A word on buying used/ski swaps:

But if you plan on skiing 5+ times a year, then other options come into play. Buying USED is a great way to go. Kids don’t need all the bells-and-whistles that the new skis claim to have. We are working on the basics here. They also grow quickly, making the likelihood of using the same pair of skis two seasons in a row improbable.  So check out your local ski shops and resorts for the best ski swaps.  You can usually pick-up gear at amazing prices there.

Make sure to visit our post on fitting your kid ski boots correctly.

A word on seasonal rentals:

But if like us, you have never found that “great deal” on kids gear, then do what we do…seasonal rentals. Most ski shops offer killer deals for those who want to rent for the WHOLE season. Perks?

  1. You have the skis when you are ready to go! Having to pick up ski gear is quite a hassle – better to only have to do it once in a year!
  2. You always have gear that fits your growing kids.
  3. Cost! Season rentals often range from $50-$70 for the entire season. You are saving money if you plan on skiing more than 4-5 times.

Visit my blogging buddy Brave Ski Mom for more information on :

Ski Swaps:

For those of you who have found great deals on ski gear and clothing, where did you find them? Which swaps worked for you?

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12 comments on “Ski Schooling – Rent or Buy?
  1. I love the idea of seasonal rentals. We lucked out and got a pair of skis/boots at a garage sale for $5 but he’ll be out of the boots after this year and then we’ll have to revisit the whole deal 😀

  2. in my area(ontario, canada) all the shops offer a “jr half back” program. This allows you to buy brand new properly sized ski gear for your child and return it at the end of the season earning you “half back” as a store credit. For boots, bindings, skis it generally runs $300 and you get $150 back to use towards next years gear. This option tends to work best if ski a number of times a season(more than 5).

    whichever option you choose remember to always have the ski gear properly sized for your child, don’t forget the helmet, and have a great time!!!!!

  3. Alyssa- you guys should look into Roces ski boots. They are adjustable and you get 4 sizes in one boot. We got a pair for our kids last year and are looking forward to using them for a long time. Level 9 in SLC sells them for under $100. For a family who skis as much as you do, it could be a killer deal! Oh, and they’re really good quality too!

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