Seeing New My Normal

The sunlight turned orange this morning, behind hazy mountains, and navy blue clouds. The sky was a swirl of indecision. Lightening. The smell of rain. An unsteady breeze.

The colors outside were alive. Somehow, the world I see everyday looked new again. The same black topped streets, the cracked sidewalks, cookie cutter houses all displayed in a sort of unique dance.

I stick the moment in my pocket and carry it into my day. Hoping to see my ‘every day’ as new again.

The sleepies crusted in deep blue eyes.

The tangled mess on the back of toddler’s head.

The small hands grasping items to big to grasp.

The little feet tucked in socks backwards and re-tucked in shoes untied and muddied.

The blond hair speckled in brown as summer’s sun fades under orange leaves.

The overloud laughter. [Can laughter be overloud?]

The slurred consonants.

The hungry bellies.

I want the light today to shine them new in my eyes. So I don’t miss the uniqueness found in this moment. The fleeting time I have with the crew I’ve been given.

toy bus in window

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