Giveaway A Day! [Hi-Tec Kid’s Shoes, BugLit, Ducksday Mittens]

If you are just dropping in, don’t miss our great giveaways from earlier this week!

  1. Day 1: Mad Rock Climbing Shoes + Chalk Bag
  2. Day 2: Chrome Industries Merino Hoodie

And today is a great prize package for those adventurous kids in your life, or adventurous families.

Hi-tec Kid’s Hiking boots of your choice + NiteIze BugLit Mini LED + Ducksday Kid’s Mittens!!

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Each of these awesome products made our “In The Open” Gear Guide for 2014 and here is why:

Hi-Tec has a whole host of kidโ€™s hiking shoes with all the performance and design of an adult shoe. My favorite part is the โ€œBig Fit Systemโ€ that essentially grows with your kid. You can find our full review here or look at all their kid’s hiking boots here.

The NiteIze Buglit continues to be a daily favorite, even though our backpacking gear is long stowed away for the winter. Not only does this little LED provide a decent range of illumination, but it is fun and versatile. Every kid should have one and every kid at heart. Here is a more detailed review along with other great products from NiteIze.

And lastly, Ducksday had an awesome pair of elbow mittens that are easy to get on but stay on! What parent or child doesn’t want that? You can read our full review here or check them out at Ollie and Stella Outfitters.


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Winter Hiking in the Hi-Tec Oakhurst Jr.


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50 comments on “Giveaway A Day! [Hi-Tec Kid’s Shoes, BugLit, Ducksday Mittens]
  1. Gosh I’m not sure which one – I’d love to go to Alaska but also on the list is Nashville and although I’ve been to Yellowstone I’d love to take my kids too!

  2. We hope to visit the Salt Lake area this summer with our 1 year old and attempt a short back country route. I love your post on best family friend hikes near SL…so helpful as we plan our trip from Nebraska to Utah!

  3. My husband and I have been talking about visiting Alaska and even considered moving there before we even thought of moving here to Wyoming. Although him and I had been to Yellowstone before, but the kids haven’t so we hope we can make it next year, so Alaska or Yellowstone it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. We’re taking a trip to Red River Gorge in the spring, but are hoping to make it to Denver, CO in early fall. The trip on top of our wishlist right now is to visit Redding, CA to visit friends, then go up to Eugene, OR and visit family. We’ve always longed to visit the Pacific Northwest.

  6. Hawaii! I love all this snow but beautiful tropical hiking and incredible snorkeling have been calling me for a while now. But maybe I’ll just go with my husband until they can pay for themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. We’re working on taking the kids to Disneyland soon. But I would really like to travel all over with them. Iceland is on the top of my list. Local…hiking up some local canyons!

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