Gear Review: Hands-free Hipster Jogging Leash

  • Kai is my best running buddy.  No matter how slow I go, he is always there with a cheerful smile. He doesn’t push or pull. He doesn’t nag. He doesn’t complain.
  • Running with your dog really is a blast. Now only for the annoyance of the leash, eh? If I had a preference, I’d be able to run with him off leash all the time. But living in the city doesn’t allow that. So I am always on the hunt for something that will work better with less hassle.
  • Tested in: Jogging, Walking, Hiking
  • Cost:  $34.95
  • Availability: Dog Fence DIY;
    • Only for well leash trained dogs
    • Only waist sizes 31 – 47 inches
  • Best Use: Long Runs/Walks when you need a waist belt to stow items and also would prefer your hands to be free.
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Selling Points: Compared to other hands-free leashes, I found the Hipster Jogging Leash to be lighter weight and better designed.

The Leash: The leash portion is completely detachable, lightweight, and adjustable (up to 6 feet in length). The leash is attached to the belt via a D-ring. This also means you could use the leash portion by itself, attaching one end to a backpack waist belt or hooking to a car/tree/table leg when you need the dog to stay.

The Belt: The belt itself is better designed for runners than many of the others I’ve tried. There are multiple pockets, three total. One on mid-back that is more than roomy enough for my Iphone 5, and two zippered pockets on the sides for fuel, etc. There are no water holders.

Inside the left zippered pocket is a mesh pocket that can be pulled out for dog treats, a tennis ball or better yet, those gloves or arm sleeve you strip off during the run when you finally get warmed up!

The belt has stretchy elastic on the back panel, a major bonus. But the adjustable portion where it buckles on the front is not stretchy.

Hand-free running belt for dogs

Desired Improvements:

I would replace the front straps (which you use for buckling the belt) with a stretchy belt material, similar to other running specific belts. While it does stretch on the back, I found that having it elastic all around helps it stay in place. I have a narrow waist but wide hips. When I run the belt likes to ride high and I felt it restricts breathing.

If I wear it lose so as not to restrict breathing, then it has a tendency to twist and turn… and my dog is not a puller. Even the weight of the leash or my dog being 1-2 steps ahead would cause it to turn on my waist. Moving the D-ring more to the front would alleviate this.

Lastly, while I love the roomy back pocket, I think you could cut a little bit of material out of the back, making the belt not as wide. On warm days the belt was hot.

The Bottom Line: The quality and engineering of the hipster belt/leash is higher quality than I’ve seen in similar products. But over all I feel I traded one annoyance (holding a leash) for another (constantly readjusting the belt as it rides high and twists).

Still, I find myself choose to use the belt over carrying a leash or tying an old one to my other running belts. Honestly, I’ll probably use the leash portion and rig a way for it to clip onto my normal running belt.

Kai at climbing moab

Product samples provided for the purpose of review. All opinions are honest.

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  1. I’ve always been curious about the hand-free leash dealies—you bring up some great points & good things to consider! Once I get this baby out–I’m hoping the pup and I can start a few miles again!

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