Chimney Beach on Lake Tahoe

Combine everything we love about Lake Tahoe hiking and beaches… and ta da! You have Chimney Beach!

Chimney Beach is located approximately 12.7 miles from King’s Beach, along the east side of Lake Tahoe. It is just south of Sand Harbor State Park. The sign for Chimney Beach can be tricky to find if you aren’t looking for it. From King’s Beach, continue east around the lake to the NV side via NV-28E.  After Sand Harbor, begin looking for a trailhead/parking area on the left hand side of the road. We parked here, carefully crossed the street and hiked down the trails on the lake side of the road.


Trail to Chimney Beach in Nevada

Trail to Chimney Beach in Nevada

The hike down is easy, can be done in flip-flops but we’d suggest something more like Chacos or Keen sandals.

Hiking  down to Chimney Beach

Hiking down to Chimney Beach

We brought our Helinox chairs, a sun shade, life jackets, towels and a bunch of food.

Approaching Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

Approaching Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

When we arrived, at roughly 10 a.m., hardly anyone else was there!

The sand was rougher than the other beaches we’d visited around Lake Tahoe but the views more than made up for it!

Chimney beach, Lake Tahoe, NV


Bouldering at Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

Bouldering at Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe

Playing at Chimney beach for families and dogs  Chimney beach Lake Tahoe File_001

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  1. Hi Ayssa,

    Have you camped near Lake Tahoe North? We’ve never been and I don’t know what campsites are good.

    Your articles are so helpful!


    • Yes we have but only once. We camped in one of the two campgrounds between Truckee and Lake Tahoe (Silver Creek Campground) and just off the road from Squaw Valley. It was right by the river, cooler, but depending on the specific site, did have considerable traffic noise. But is was only like 15 minutes form the lake. I hope that helps!

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