KP Tip: Becoming a Two Jacket Family

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Becoming a Two Jacket Family

For many reasons, parents are looking to downsize and simplify. When we had our first child, I was amazed at the amount of crap that filled our house. Fast forward a handful of years, and now we have multiple kids that need to be outfitted for adventure.

At the best is takes up a ton of room. At the worst it can be crazy expensive!

So I have boiled it down to the only two jackets outdoor adventurers need. Yes, this applies to the parents as well.
  1. Insulating layer – Synthetic of down puffy, such as Patagonia Nano puff or Down Sweater. Make this layer heavier if you live in northern areas that can get really cold.
  2. Rain jacket – A simple waterproof layer will work. We’ve used ones from Costco and other nicer brands purchased at consignment stores.

These two jackets give you a waterproof/windproof layer for bad weather year-round, an insulating layer for backpacking, camping, and chilly times of year. Layered together, rain jacket over puffy, you will be amazingly warm, and certainly warm enough for most family ski/snowshoe days in the winter.

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