Outdoor Baby Store

Owned and operated by Kati Rouse, their mission is simple: to provide quality kids outdoor gear and clothing, so that families can enjoy the outdoors TOGETHER.


Here is her story:

I have always loved the outdoors–hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking. Ran track and cross country in high school and college. I worked as an athletic trainer handling sports related injuries for local high schools in Memphis. Was getting my CPR renewal and unexpectedly met this fly fishing guide who was getting ready to go to Alaska for the rainbow season. A little over a year later, Jamie and I got married and moved to the Little Red River–home of the world record brown trout, but not a great place to be an athletic trainer! I began to be an integral part of Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, even worked in Alaska with him. We enjoy the outdoors together–fly fishing, hiking, traveling, etc. I had been content to not have a baby–thinking that my running and other activities would be interrupted. But, after 5 years, we had Allie. Wow! This is my greatest adventure yet! Seeing the outdoors through her eyes is like a whole new world. Trails that had become mundane are now something new to explore. She notices the smallest thing–a leaf on a tree, a pine needle, a bug–and gets so excited. I may go at a slightly different pace than before, but I realize what I had been missing! If someone had told me that I would open a store for outdoor baby and kids gear, I would have laughed–(not at the outdoors part).

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