Useful Outdoor Gifts under $20

Christmas comes every year and grandparents start asking what to give the kids, and I start wondering what to do after I’ve given them all my ideas.  This year I made a list of useful things – not to expensive – that the kids would love but also satisfy some need in their outdoor gear.  It is a win/win!

Camelbak Better Bottle (32 fl. oz.) $15.00

Camelbak bottles are awesome!  Skip the kid sized ones (13 fl. oz.) – they will easily drain those and need constant refills.  Why I love them?  Cause every family member can drink out of it easily.  Even the baby who still nurses or uses a bottle!  The bite/suck valve is intuitive even to the youngest amongst us.

Blackdiamond Wizkid Headlamp $18.95

Cause every kids wants to be just like Mom and Dad.  So put an end to the constant, “can I wear your headlamp?”  They’ll have fun playing with them all winter and come next summer-super useful.

REI Peruvian style hats (kids) – $16.50 and up

There are different variations on the Peruvian hat- but the most important features are the ear flaps and fleece that come low on the kids necks to keep them warm and happy.  I love these hats!  They wash well and fit for a couple seasons.

Mad Rock Chalk Bag (kids)- $9.95

Cause they always want what the grown ups have…

Acorn Bootie Fleece Slippers $19.95

Durable, comfortable, and stay on the feet… for those munchkins that always seem to want shoes on around the house.

Chili’s polarized kids sunglasses – $9.95

Whether a fun day at the pool or blinding glare off fresh powder- you cannot go wrong. Higher quality than the grocery store glasses and less prone to fall apart yet not so expensive that you hyperventilate when they loose them.

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