Just might be worth the $9 [Edgie Wedgie Review]

Oh Edgie Wedgie  The name reminds me of pre-pubecent torture.  But none-the-less, one of the most used toddler ski aids is named this. It is simply a rubber tube with clips on each end that keep your child’s ski tips together. The reason? To aid teaching them to wedge or for the really young ones who aren’t strong enough to keep the skis together, it does it for them.

Just like the child ski harnesses, the Edgies [ as I shall call then for short] are just as controversial amongst parents.  I’ve been on the slope before and had a mom say, “Oh well, I’d certainly NEVER put one on my kids skis…” as she cast a critical glance down at my son.

Others swear by them. And at this point, I might be one of the others because they have been nothing but wonderful for our three year old. Now our boy isn’t lacking in the strength department [ in fact he broke his first Edgie Wedgie accidentally tripping over his edges, so maybe the quality of product could be better] but his attention to detail and overall ability to stay focused? Minimal. He’d get so distracted watching the tram dock one run over or another kid learning, that he’d forget about his skis altogether.

When we attempted to teach him the wedge, his whole ski went wide- not just the heels.  Resulting in some serious splits and a little boy yelling, “I just can’t do it!” So we re-attached the Edgie and this time when we told him “wide feet” it kept his tips together. And voila – perfect wedge.

Now, when do we take them off? Well, I don’t know. But when our older daughter caught the feel of the wedge, we quickly took it off, simply cause she didn’t need it anymore. So I am sure our son’s will be coming off quick.

Negatives? Other than our son easily breaking his first one…they make transitions difficult.  By that I mean walking up to the lift, shuffling the skis, getting up off the ground, side stepping, herringbone uphill – all pretty much impossible for the little guy or gal. Meaning more work for mom and dad. But that is all the more reason to take it off as soon as they are able.

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2 comments on “Just might be worth the $9 [Edgie Wedgie Review]
  1. We LOVE edgie wedgies too. I honestly don’t know how people get little little kids skiing without them because they’re a total lifesaver. Our favorite use for them is skiing backwards with a toddler straddling our skis and their edgie wedgie right up against our binding. This forces them to stand up on their own while we pretty much control everything for them (even though they don’t know it…ha). LOVE IT!

  2. Bring the kids- thanks for the tip- never tried that with the Edgie before! Here is a comment Nancy Henry left on Facebook: (decided to share it here as it has a good make your own harness idea) “Oh yes, we used Edgie Wedgie with Isaac. Definitely worth it. Plus we used a make-shift harness (from a climbing rope), which Tim just wrapped around his waist a couple times and then let Isaac lead while he hung on to both ends. Made for some sore quads for dad the next day, but works great! Haven’t been out yet this year – hopefully soon!”

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