Multi-tasking Must-Haves Giveaway #5: Nikwax Grab Bag

We are on day five of our “Multi-tasking Must-Haves” journey. And day 5 of some awesome giveaways! If you are just checking in, here is what you’ve missed: ENO hammocks, Hydroflask, Teton Sports Summit 1500 pack, and DucksDay Kid’s Outerwear. Today is the last day to enter the ENO Hammock giveaway too.

Today, I want to introduce Nikwax, the product that makes all your old gear new again, keeps your new gear performing well, and can enhance inexpensive gear in significant ways. We’ve been testing away here at the Kid Project home-base. Below is an overview and review of our favorite Nikwax products followed by an awesome giveaway!

Tech Wash

Use: General cleaning of waterproof breathable clothing, synthetic sleeping bags, tents and packs. Gentally cleans, revitalizes breathability and water repellancy.

Test: Washing of multiply pieces including one very dirty boy’s ski jacket and a 7-year-old pair of Columbia ski pants that had lost all water resistance.

Nikwax Tech Wash - washing outdoor clothing

Verdict: WOW! My plan was to wash our ski clothes in this first and then use the water proof spray (T.X.Direct). But I didn’t need to! My husband’s pants were truly “revitalized” just like Nikwax said on the bottle.


Use: Washing those stinky synthetic baselayers! Including but not limited to running clothing, yoga clothing, team uniforms, socks…

Test: Multiple tests washing running tights, nylon, polyester and cotton baselayers.

Nikwax Base Fresh - Washing stinky baselayers!

Verdict: Defininitly got the stink out! However, the jury is still out on the scent. I don’t mind it. My husband does. And I cannot comment on whether I think it keeps the stink out longer than normal detergent. We use Charlie Soap, which is additive and perfume free and does a pretty good job as well.

Polar Proof – Available in Fall 2013

Use: Wash in water-proofing for fleece, wool, fiber-pile, and synthetic fibers including ski wear.  Great for kids fleece mittens or cheaper fleece clothing items that need an upgrade!

Test: Used on both expensive fleece jackets and cheaper fleece hats and mittens. Have not had the chance to test how long the waterproof lasts through washings and extended use.

Nikwax Polar Proof - waterproof fleece

Verdict: Repells water so well I almost couldn’t get the photo! The water kept running right off. 🙂 No noticeable change in breathability, but the fleece seemed both softer and the colors brighter.

Polar Proof will be available in stores by Fall 2013. Your can find a local dealer here: Or purchase it online at

Down Wash & Down Proof

Use: Down Wash revitalizes insulation and water repellany in down outer wear, sleeping bags and comforters. It is a soap based cleaner that removes dirt, body oils and residue that can cause down to clump and lose loft. Down Proof is one step further and is a wash-in water repellancy for down-filled gear.

Test: Washing of multiple down jackets and vests…one a white jacket that was very dirty on the arms and front.

Nikwax down wash review

Verdict: While I cannot comment on the “revitalization” of the water resistance in the down and the insulation, our down gear came out clean and working great. I did scrub at some of the darker dirt stains on the white jacket with Shout. But then, I’ve had to do that with any detergent I’ve used…the down side to getting your kid a white ski jacket. 🙂


Nikwax is giving away a must-have grab bag with Tech Wash, TX Direct, and BaseFresh!! So you get to try it all yourself.
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Other Nikwax Products:

  • Footwear Cleaning Gel – Cleans a removed dirt from footwear
  • Sandal Wash – Clean and deodorize all types of sandals
  • Basewash – Cleaning and conditioning of baselayers
  • Wool Wash – cleaning and conditioning of wool baselayers
  • TX. Direct – Great for waterproofing gear and maintaining breathability
  • Softshell Proof – Waterproofing for softshells
  • Tent and Gear Solarproof – Adds water repellancy and UV protection to tents, packs, panniers, awnings, and more!
  • (We’d like to thank Nikwax for providing these products for review. As always, our opinions are our real and honest perspectives.)

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